KREUL Upcycling with paint #8: marbled cups for spring sweets

02/06/2018 |

Mmmm, wouldn't it be great if you always had a few sweets within reach everywhere - at home or in the office? Open bags don't look so attractive, though. Much nicer are self-designed cups. Maybe you still have some in the basement from the last street fair. Get creative - and make something out of it! With fresh colours and unique marbling designs. Out tip: chalky matt Volcanic Gray meets fresh Sunshine yellow and bright Neon pink. Wow, what a combination - it makes you long for spring.

It's that simple:

Fill a bucket with tap water, shake the KREUL Marbling Paint well and drizzle it close to the water surface.

Now quickly draw streak patterns in the paint with a wooden stick.

By the way: less is more – for stylish colour effects, combine a maximum of 3 colours per dip.

Slowly immerse the cup – holding it at an angle so that the water resistance is not too great. Blow the ink remaining on the water surface to the edge so that it does not lie on the marbled surface again when you pull it out.

The marbled surface looks printed and will blend evenly with the substrate. Before the next dip, skim off the paint residue on the water surface with paper. One cup at a time.

Since only the outsides get colours, you can now fill your colourful cups with all sorts of sweet treats.

PS: Of course, we could have said that you could use used coffee-to-go paper cups. But we are sure that you're environmentally conscious enough to use porcelain cups, recycled bamboo cups, or your own thermal mug for your in-between caffeine boosts.

Here's what you'll need for your sweet mugs: 

  • KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Matt Volcanic Gray, Art.-Nr. 73237
  • KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Neon pink, Art.-Nr. 73233
  • KREUL Magic Marble Marbling paint Sun yellow, Art.-Nr. 73203
  • blank paper cups
  • bucket with water, wooden sticks, paper to remove the paint residue from the water surface


Want more ideas?

You can, of course, make small vases or flowerpots for cacti out of your cups.

Do you still have some paint left from the cups? Easter is not far away – with the marbling technique you can decorate wonderfully colourful eggs. Each egg will be different. All of them are beautiful. Here, for example, in our colour of the month: magenta.