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Beautifully inviting: Table setting in romantic winter style

01/12/2022 |

Fancy a little change for the New Year? How about a stylishly set dining table? Here, we’re using the KREUL Transfer Marker and KREUL Wood Stain to create table placemats with winter elegance. Wonderful how our sophisticated motif transforms this table mat into an eyecatching dining accessory. Even if the elements of our design are very detailed, it's very easy to do. No need for any artistic effort, the KREUL Transfer Marker takes care of the outlines. Then you only need to add a bit of colour in cheerful and fresh Pistachio, and you have a beautiful and inviting table setting. Fantastic for a romantic dinner and a must-have that you won’t find in the shops. We show you how easy it is to do.



KREUL Transfer Marker: Sophisticated design made easy

A perfectly symmetrical star entwined in filigree leaves - our chosen motif may look very complicated, but is easy to do on the cork table setting. The secret is the KREUL Transfer Marker, which you can use to transfer ornaments and lettering onto surfaces in an instant. All you need is a back-to-front image of the motif printed on a laser printer. The KREUL Transfer Marker contains a colourless, solvent-based medium that you can use to transfer the motif you want in no time by pressing down the print-out printed side down onto the cork and then going over the back of the print-out with the marker. The motif is transferred to the cork setting with sharp outline, as if it had been printed onto the surface. Of course, you can use the KREUL Transfer Marker not just on cork, but on many other surfaces like wood, paper, card, stone or even fabric. This way, you can create an ensemble of matching accessories.


Made in Germany for a responsible future

The KREUL Transfer Marker is available with two different tips. You can use the KREUL Transfer Marker XXL for optimal transfer of large motifs like our wintertide. For small-size motifs and lettering, the KREUL Transfer Marker edge with wedge tip is a good choice. The marker has been developed and is manufactured in Germany, that is in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. With a great attention to detail, we manufacture high-quality products that children, artists and creatives can rely on. It is important to us to make the future colourful. That's why we would like to make a contribution for tomorrow. The liquid contained in the KREUL Transfer Marker therefore contains at least 60% sustainable resources of natural origin.

Designing table mats made of cork - here's how

It’s easy to transfer a motif onto a place mat with the KREUL Transfer Marker. So that it works first time round, we have put together a few tips here. With the help of the KREUL Transfer Marker, the ink of the motif is lifted from the paper and transferred onto the surface. That only works with a motif that has been printed on a laser printer. A laser print-out from a copy shop is also suitable. To make sure any lettering is readable, this should be printed back to front. First we fix the paper with the printed side down onto the cork mat. Then go over the back of the motif with the KREUL Transfer Marker. Before you remove the paper, press it down and rub over it with a wooden spatula.

Fresh and cheerful colours with KREUL Wood Stain

After the transferred star motif has dried, it is water-resistant and smudge-proof. Now it’s time to add some cheerful good-mood colours. We think that a fresh green and friendly yellow match wonderfully well with the subdued colours of winter and have chosen KREUL Wood Stain in Pistachio and Sun Yellow. The acrylic wood stain glows in intense colour and has a very liquid consistency that is quickly absorbed into the surface. In contrast to opaque acrylic paint, colours painted with the KREUL Wood Stain remain transparent. The characteristic look of the cork is preserved. A characteristic that not only makes wood look natural, but that we love using for stylish table decorations.