KREUL DIY Kreative Auszeit malen blau

Some creative time out – relaxed and uncomplicated

12/20/2021 |

Even though we promise ourselves every year to get everything done in good time, at some point we are overwhelmed by the hectic preparations for Christmas. So it's good to take some time out after this turbulent phase. Preferably with colours that can even caress the soul. Let’s retreat from every day for a short time, dip our paintbrush into creamy paint and give simple objects a resplendent new look. For instance, with the powdery colours in the KREUL Chalky paint line and the elegant shimmer of KREUL acrylic metallic paint. We already have some beautifully shaped items that we can turn into eyecatching home decorations with just a bit of colour – you'll find them in the rubbish bin. For instance, washed-out drink cartons can be made into pretty ornaments. Grab your paintbrushes, take a deep breath and indulge in a creative time-out. We show you how.


Stylish upcycled vase with KREUL Chalky paint

The rinsed-out cartons already have a classically beautiful shape. Their curves make you think of a designer vase. Now, all we need is some paint to make a stylish designer object from old packaging. We chose KREUL Chalky paint. The decorative paint for craft projects covers the lettering on the milk cartons really well, creating an elegant matt look. Soft shades like KREUL Chalky paint in Noble Nougat, White Cotton or Sir Petrol create a winter wonderland atmosphere. Once the paint had dried, we used a KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker to draw elegant line patterns. Who would have thought that you conjure up something so beautiful from an old milk carton? 

A DIY project in no time: Atmospheric lit-up houses made from drink cartons

What else can you create from these ready-made shapes? For example, an atmospheric eye-catching decoration for your living room. We washed out empty drink cartons with a square shape and cut the lid off with a cutter. The rectangular shape of the cartons brought small houses to mind. They just needed windows and doors. We made a symmetrical paper stencil so that we could precisely cut a gable for the houses. It was so easy that we ended up making several houses and before we knew it, we had built a little town. A wonderful scene to spread a little winter magic. They were just missing an elegant paint finish.

Winter ambience with a chalky finish and metallic shimmer

You can use colours to easily conjure a certain atmosphere. We chose cool colours with a certain something: subdued shades combined with metallic shimmer. A wonderful ensemble of Sir Petrol and Mademoiselle Rosé from the KREUL Chalky paint range, Graphite Grey from the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint range and Champagne from the KREUL Acrylic Metallic paints. To show off these delicate colours to best effect, we first primed the drink cartons with KREUL Acrylic Matt paint in white before applying our colours of choice. All the coats of paint dry fast and we are delighted at how we could make something so beautiful with such simple means and in such a short time. We added details and highlights with the KREUL Acryl Matt Marker in white and the KREUL Acrylic Metallic Marker in silver. Then we stuck transparent paper onto the windows and doors on the inside of the carton. Just put a t-light in the houses and enjoy the radiant and peaceful atmosphere. Wonderful how relaxed being creating can be.


KREUL Chalky Paint
KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint
KREUL Acrylic Metallic Paint
KREUL Matt Marker
KREUL Acrylic Metallic Marker