KREUL Acryl Mattfarbe Grün Weihnachten Deko

Colour of the month: Green

12/20/2021 |

True, a white Christmas would be a highlight in December. But, originally, the traditional Christmas colour wasn't white but green. Over the dark winter months, people would yearn for a bit of green and brought green branches into their homes. This is where the tradition of the Christmas tree is rooted. Green instils hope, heralding the coming spring. For us, green is a relaxing colour that radiates serenity. That's why we have chosen green as our colour of the month for December. This colour is wonderfully suitable for Christmas decorations, but remains a friendly dash of colour even after the holidays.


Colour mixed from yellow and blue with endless variations

Nature shows off innumerable variations of green that our eye can precisely differentiate. Whether it is the tender green of fresh leaf buds, the heartening green of a summer meadow or the more reverent green of coniferous forests, each nuance of this colour evokes a different mood. Green is a secondary colour as it is mixed from blue and yellow. Light green contains a larger proportion of yellow, whereas blue is dominant in dark green. In the colour wheel, green lies between yellow and blue, with red as its complementary colour. If you put red directly next to green, the green starts to glow intensely. At the same time, red can neutralize the colour green if you mix the colours with each other. This creates a grey shade. 

KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint in Green: Uncomplicated DIY paint with a matt finish

In the KREUL range, you can find the colour green in almost all our paint lines. It is a valued shade on the artist’s palette, a favourite colour in children’s art, and for creatives it is a go-to hue for creating a relaxing atmosphere. How practical that you can use this refreshing colour to make stylish decorations in no time at all. The green in the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint line is perfect for uncomplicated DIY projects. The paint dries fast and impresses with an elegant matt finish. The dried paint is resistant to water weather and saliva. We love KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint simply in Green. But if you like to play with colour variations, you will also relish the other shades of May Green, Light Green, Olive Green and Russian Green. 

Colour harmony for Christmas

KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint is suitable for many different surfaces like stone, glass, paper or plastic. It is an ideal colour to give old Christmas baubles an exciting new look. Between the dark green of fir tree branches, the baubles in matt green exude an understated elegance. On wood, the green of  KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint is both stylish and timeless. What about making a gift box in green? Wishing you lots of fun while being creative and relaxing during the Christmas holidays.