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Five questions about MUCKI Window Color

01/24/2022 |

Oh, how splendidly the window designs light up when the sun's rays shine through them. Children aged from 4 years are totally fascinated by the beautiful artwork they have created themselves on the window pane. After all, with MUCKI Window Color, drawing and colouring these designs is child’s play. The paint has been developed specifically to meet the needs of the little artists. Things still aren’t going quite right? Here, we answer the five questions that we are most frequently asked about MUCKI Window Color.


What is the difference to classical Window Color?

With MUCKI Window Color, children from just 4 years of age can draw and colour window designs. Just like the big kids. But the window color paints for children contain substances that are different from those in classical Window Color products. We have developed these paints so that, once they have dried, you can wash them off fabrics. So, the paint fun isn’t spoilt by worries about paint stains. MUCKI Window Color is also child-friendly in other ways. It has been dermatologically tested, and it is paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. Unlike KREUL Window Color, MUCKI Window Color is transparent from the start.  

How can it happen that the design comes unstuck from the window pane?

To make sure that you can easily wash the MUCKI Window Color paints off fabrics, etc., we have mixed special additives into them. Because of that, the paints react to every type of moisture, even to condensation on the window or increased humidity. If the window pane gets wet, the design may no longer stick properly to the glass or may start to shrink. The design then becomes unstuck.

How can you stop the design coming unstuck?

We think that the benefit of a water-soluble window color paint is more important. But there's a trick to getting the budding artists’ designs to stick to the window for longer. We recommend that you don’t stick the motifs directly next to the window frame as the most condensate collects here. It is better to position the designs in the middle of the glass pane.

What can you do when the design becomes less sticky?

One quick remedy here is to simply press the design back in place – best after you have slightly wetted the glass surface. For more stubborn cases, use MUCKI Window Glue to stick the design back onto the window pane. The window glue will stick the design to the window pane until you remove it again. And you can wipe off any residue with a damp cloth.


On what surface should kids draw and colour designs with MUCKI Window Color?

Children aged from 4 years can manage better painting on a sturdy surface than on flexible sheets of film.  MUCKI Window Color also benefits from this. The honey-like consistency of the paint means it taks a little longer to spread and dry than the classical KREUL Window Color. If MUCKI Window Color is applied to a stable sheet, the design can dry properly and be removed later. A flexible surface like, for example, a document pocket would curl up or the paint would run when applied to it.