KREUL Window Color Set XXL Kinder Erwachsene Kreative

A spring excursion: Creative fun for old and young

01/26/2022 |

Grey and rainy weather, long and boring afternoons? What about some colourful window decoration? With the KREUL Window Color Set XXL, you can draw fanciful flowers that instantly lift the mood. And this set is not only for children aged from 6 years: the decorative designs are just as enchanting for older brothers and sisters as well as parents. After all, we have also included mandala motifs and stylish lettering in the set. Bright pink and red, in glittering gold and silver or with gemstones – the more imaginatively you colour the motifs, the better. Let's get started with a fascinating Window Color afternoon with artwork that brings spring to your windows.



Wide selection of colours with sparkling highlights

The KREUL Window Color Set XXL contains nine window color paints, including two glitter colours. With Light Green, Royal Blue, Pink, Ruby Red, Golden Yellow, Crystal Clear and Snow White, you can create a flower meadow on your window – with colourful blooms, butterflies, a bright blue sky and shining sun. Or what about mandalas in Glitter Gold and Glitter Silver? Designs with fancy lettering are very stylish, too. Sparkly gems are also included in the set for creating special highlights in your designs. Our tip: place your gemstones in the paint before it dries and prepare to be wowed by these eye-catching twinklies!

Window color designs in easy steps

Smart kids know that painting with KREUL Window Color is super easy. So that mums, aunts or even neighbours can see how it works, we have put a few tips together here. Place the selected motif under the special film and use the black KREUL Window Color contour paint to trace the lines. Then wait patiently for two hours until all the contours are dry. Now colour in the motif with your favourite colours. We recommend leaving the finished piece of art to dry for 24 hours. The finished pictures are then all ready to shine from your windows.

The perfect gift for creatives aged from 6 years and upwards

This set is a super kit for some quality family time at home and brilliant for shared projects on bad-weather days. Got a birthday coming up? The KREUL Window Color Set XXL is a fantastic gift idea for creatives and children aged from 6 years and a fun activity at a children’s birthday party.