KREUL Farbe des Monats Cyan

Colour of the Month: Cyan

02/20/2024 |

The month of February comes with lots of rain, lots of water and lots of blue – like the colour Cyan. Winter is still making its presence felt and temperatures remain cool, cool like the colour Cyan. As a mix of blue and green, Cyan gives us a sneak peek of the first harbingers of spring. The grass is slowly turning green again, with the odd crocus poking up out of the winter earth. Cyan is the colour of the approaching spring, a colour inviting us to rediscover inspiration from nature.


What is Cyan?

Cyan was developed from the Real Blue made in Scotland more than 90 years ago and is one of the main colours for printing. Even today, lots of pictures and photos are saved and printed in the colour spectrum C (= Cyan) MYK. The colour is mixed from primary blue and green and can be transformed with the addition of magenta and yellow. If you mix cyan with magenta, you get a wonderful violet-blue that you can see in many spring blooms. With yellow, Cyan transforms into a fresh green that can spark a rush of creativity.

Icy or warm – Cyan does both

Cyan is a very versatile colour. It is often associated with water in its different forms. Coupled with sunny yellow, it awakens summer feelings, turning our thoughts to swimming pools and the sea. But if you add white, shimmering mother of pearl or silver accents, the colour appears wintery, reminding us of ice and snow. 

Mindfulness and clarity with Cyan

In the KREUL product assortment, you’ll find Cyan in the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker brush and KREUL Glass & Porcelain Clear. On top of that, the Turquoise Blue of our SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic is perfect to create colour-intense artwork with a Cyan look. And you can set the scene for our colour of the month with KREUL Window Color in Light Blue. The sun shining through the KREUL Window Color artwork gives this bright blue colour very intense radiance.