KREUL Window Color Motiv Vögel im Frühling

All the birds have landed now!

02/20/2024 |

Early morning and you can already hear them twittering about the coming spring. Their cheery chirping makes us want to decorate a spring window with some cute little birdies. That’s so easy with KREUL Window Color. And it's huge painting fun with our comical bird motifs. Then let's grab the cheerful KREUL Window Color shades and get designing bird window pictures together. We tell you how step-by-step in this post. Of course, the funny birds motif is also available here for you to print out and copy.


Step 1: Start by tracing the contours of the birds

First, print out the template and place it under a flexible, transparent special film for Window Color. Then trace the outline of the birds with black contour paint. Leave everything to dry for around two hours. 

To design our cheeky little bird window pictures, we have used the KREUL Window Color Set with lots of different colours. This complete set contains eight colour-intense window color paints, a glow-in-the-dark paint, the contour paint, special films along with other spring motifs. 

Step 2: Colour in your bird picture

The contours have completely dried? Now time to give the crazy critters some proper colour. We have painted the feathered friends with KREUL Window Color in bright colours – Light Blue, Magenta and Light Green. Cheerful colours as inspiration for the still pale days of early spring. With the fine painting tip, colouring small details like bird beaks or feet is child’s play. 

Step 3: Paint in the details

What about some pretty patterned feathers? Add some white to the light blue bird body and use a toothpick to swirl through the still wet paint for a fabulous marbling effect. Just like tiny, delicate bird feathers! Now leave the KREUL Window Color bird picture to dry for around 24 hours and don’t touch it. 

Step 4: Peel the motif off the film

How bright the colours of the KREUL Window Color birds are! They really light up when the rays of the sun shine through them. We carefully peel the dried bird motifs off the flexible film like stickers and press them against the window pane. Wonderful! The Window Color motifs also look super cool on a glass vase filled with water. Try them out to conjure a smile. The motifs with KREUL Window Color stick to glass, mirrors, tiles and other smooth surfaces. Have fun painting them!