Five questions about KREUL Chalky Markers

03/18/2024 |

You can design spring windows with the KREUL Chalky Markers in hardly any time at all. Fantastic for floral designs or lettering for Easter. On chalkboards, motifs drawn with the chalk markers look wonderful. Just shake, pump the chalk paint and get drawing. Easy, don’t you agree? But if you do have a few questions, we’re happy to give you some answers in this post.


How do you get good coverage with KREUL Chalky Markers?

Is the flow of chalk paint too thin? Or isn't the paint covering the surface properly? That is usually because the marker hasn’t been shaken long enough. Shake the marker for at least 1 to 2 minutes, even if this seems a long time. It is just that the chalk pigments are heavy and tend to settle right at the bottom of the marker. So that they reach the tip of the marker, you need to shake the marker vigorously. Then pump the paint to the tip by pressing the tip down and start drawing. If your chalk line is still too thin, shake the marker again. And you should shake the marker again every so often between drawing. 

Why do you get less opaque coverage with the KREUL Chalky Markers in Silver and Gold?

This is because of the lower chalk content in the metallic colours. The chalk content makes the colours of the chalk markers opaque, but it makes them slight matt, too. But silver and gold need to really shine. So that they do this, we have slightly reduced the chalk content in these colours. On a window pane, the metallic colour stherefore appear softer and more delicate. But on a chalkboard, the metallic colours of the KREUL Chalky Markers look more intense. This is because the surface of a chalkboard is rougher than window glass, so the metallic pigments can stick better to the chalkboard.

Can you refill the KREUL Chalky Marker?

That's possible for the white marker! This colour is used most frequently for designs on windows and chalkboards. So the marker is bound to run out faster. For that reason, you can easily fill up the KREUL Chalky Marker in Snow White with our refill pen. The content of a refill pen is enough for four refills. First vigorously shake the refill pen with the cap still on. Then hold the KREUL Chalky Marker with the tip pointing upwards and screw open the marker between the tip section and marker body. Loosen the valve and remove it. A marking on the refill pen corresponds to one marker filling. Then transfer the content of the refill pen to the first mark. Replace all the parts, shake, pump and start drawing again.

Is there any trick to transfer motifs with the Chalky Marker?

On triple-glazed windows, it is often difficult to trace a motif fixed behind the glass. We have found this trick useful. Slip a piece of white copier paper under the paper pattern or motif and then transfer the motif to the window pane. This makes light, thin lines visible and you can use these as guidelines. Then retrace the motif with the KREUL Chalky Marker. 

What to do if the tip of the KREUL Chalky Marker clogs up?

You can take the tip out of the Chalky Marker and wash it under lukewarm running water. Then let the tip dry and fit it back into the marker. You can avoid clogged tips by writing out excess paint in the tip of the KREUL Chalky Marker onto a piece of paper. That is particularly important after you have used the marker to fill in large areas. Extra tip for anyone who wants to use the KREUL Chalky Marker for lettering: ideal for this is the Edge tip as the wedge shape is perfect for shading. Simply replace the Medium tip of the marker with a KREUL Edge replacement tip.