KREUL Candle Pen Set für Taufkerzen und Babykerzen

Welcome Baby – a flicker of joy lighting up the world

03/18/2024 |

The birth of a baby or their Christening is a wonderful event. What about a lovingly decorated candle gift for the new parents? So it's great that the new KREUL Hello Baby Set of 6 Candle Pens is now available in the shops to help you with this idea.


You can use this set to design enchanting Christening and New Baby candles to welcome the "little miracle". With the handy candle pens in mix-and-match colours, it’s sooo easy. In hardly any time at all, a sweet rainbow and tiny hearts adorn the cute New Baby candle. Wonderful for gifting something to celebrate a birth that you can’t just buy on the high street. Here, we’re delighted to present our candle pen set for Christening candles & Co.


Easy-to-do decorative candles for celebrating the new arrival

Here’s to a new life! Whether for a birth or Christening, DIY decorated candles are perfect to celebrate the occasion. And although the candles may look very sophisticated, they’re easy to do with the handy candle pens in the KREUL Hello Baby Set of 6 Candle Pens. With the fine painting tip, you can lovingly add details like little feet or tiny dots of colour, or you can personalize a candle with the baby's name. 

Just squeeze the pen gently and the water-based candle paint flows out of the tip. No need to bother with heating or pressing on ready-made wax sheets. Just use the pen to draw lines and dots. Stencil motifs with a paintbrush or dab the candle paint with a sponge. It's fantastic for decorating one-of-a-kind candles to celebrate a new arrival. 

KREUL Hello Baby Set of 6 Candle Pens: This is what you get

The KREUL Candle Pen impresses with its easy use and natural beauty. That’s why the formulation of the paint with liquid wax also contains real beeswax. So that the DIY decorated candles look wonderfully harmonious, we have chosen colours that you can mix and match in any combination. 

The KREUL Hello Baby Set of 6 Candle Pens comprises the three soft shades of Rose, Violet and Royal Blue along with White – perfect for celebrations. The metallic shades of Blue Metallic and Gold are also included for adding precious highlights.


Tips for decorating with KREUL Candle Pens

Rainbows, hearts and names can all be quickly painted on Christening and New Baby candles. But before you can present your lovingly decorated candles, leave them to dry for at least eight hours. This allows the painted motifs to harden properly. Of course, the painted candles can be lit and burnt under supervision. Then it will be soon time for more candle art. Have fun painting and gifting!