KREUL Bastelkleber und KREUL Sprühkleber als Basics für DIY Projekte

Glue classics in new look

02/20/2024 |

What is one of the absolute essentials for crafting? That’s right! A glue that holds everything together. Like KREUL Handicraft Glue and KREUL Spray Adhesive. These two allrounders are must-haves for DIY projects as you can use them to perfectly stick so many different materials to each other.


And that without any unpleasant smell. The KREUL glue classics manage without any solvents. Top marks for DIY fans' favourite product. And with their stylish new design, the glues score even more points. The KREUL Handicraft Glue and KREUL Spray Adhesive now come in a fresh, new look. But we haven't made any changes to the content. Why should we improve these already super dependable helpers? Here's just a reminder of the key features of our water-based universal glues.



KREUL Handicraft Glue: Allrounder in two sizes

Our glue is a real allrounder. The water-based handicraft glue can be used to stick paper, card, textiles, felt, raffia, leather, cork, glass, polystyrene and plastics. It can even bond lightweight wood projects together. Super for making pretty hanging ornaments for Easter, birthdays, at Christmas time or any occasion between. With KREUL Handicraft Glue, you don’t need any other tools – just creative ideas. 

The glue comes in two product sizes and you can apply it straight out of the bottle to the surface you want to stick. Then you can immediately place decorative gems, felt applique pieces or even cord on the wet glue. KREUL Handicraft Glue looks milky to start with, but dries transparent. 

KREUL Spray Adhesive: Smooth for sticking over larger areas

You want to glue larger areas? KREUL Spray Adhesive is an ideal helper. You spray the permanent universal adhesive direct onto the surface you want to stick. Whether on paper, card, wood, glass, metal, plastic or polystyrene, you can use KREUL Spray Adhesive to easily glue embellishments to lots of different surfaces. And that without visible marks. Perfect for making pretty giftboxes from plain cardboard boxes as you can use KREUL spray adheisve to stick on decorative paper without any creasing or wrinkling. 

Tips & tricks

KREUL Handicraft Glue is super easy to use. Simply unscrew the cap and get glueing. For KREUL Spray Adhesive, there are a couple of things to remember. The surfaces you want to glue must be dry. Before you apply the adhesive, shake the can for at least two minutes, and shake it again now and then between spraying while you are using it. The distance to the item you want to spray should be around 20 – 30 cm. If the surface is very absorbent, we recommend that you apply more adhesive after a short drying time of around one minute. Full adhesive force is reached after around 16 hours at room temperature.