Colour of the month: lemon yellow


When life offers you a lemon - make lemonade out of it! The sour fruit from the South reminds us that sour makes you happy, and[...]

A lot of paper love: hand lettering, water colouring and transferring in one set


Hand lettering, water colouring, loving words, a small greeting or decorative cards and gift tags - more and more DIY creatives[...]

Wedding! Yes to love. Yes to strong colours.


Whether a gift idea or festive decoration - a wedding is the perfect occasion to demonstrate a lot of individuality and a lot of[...]

Transfer motifs easily – with the KREUL Transfer Marker


Sometimes good ideas can be implemented more easily than one thinks. For example, post cards, gift tags, gift paper or typographic[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Javana batik-textile paint Sound of the Sea


How does the blue sound? Everybody definitely would have a different answer. We imagine foaming waves which reflect the sun. A[...]

Precise lines amid fluid watercolour


Should one see everything in a negative light? Sometimes yes, especially when it looks as good as here. Fine white messages are[...]

Strong words with character and a lot of #PaperLove


Many people ask why hand lettering is so popular. The answer is obvious and can be drawn on paper. Creative greetings can be[...]

Effective! The new KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Metallic Paints Set


Drama, baby! Sometimes it just needs to become a little bit more glamorous. Because honestly, the one who can enjoy the daily[...]

Soft and intensive - the spring can both


Marbled Easter eggs? It doesn't have to look old-fashioned anymore! Because a stylish look appears with the currently trending[...]

Potching instead of posting! Photos and unusual backgrounds


Holiday memories, party photos, newspaper cuttings - one can transfer self-chosen motives onto different backgrounds with the[...]

KREUL Upcycling with paint #10: Jute bag with the Chalky paints


'Would you like a bag?' Everybody today should say no to this question at the counter. But what to do with the salad, milk and the[...]

Frequently asked questions on the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Paints


Many DIY creatives and artists just love to paint glass and porcelain themselves. We notice that because we frequently get[...]

Let it snow! The winter will be brighter with the KREUL Chalky Marker


When it gets dark outside early and the weather is cold and wet, the desire to decorate your favourite rooms in a festive and cosy[...]

Feeling good in the home office


Can anyone still remember the term 'napkin technique'? Sounds old-fashioned - and that's why it's called potching today. And it's[...]

Stone-rich with the KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker


Whether you're on holiday in the mountains or on a sunny seaside beach - can we bet that a few stones have landed in your suitcase[...]

Glass and porcelain in ethno style


Africa, Mexico, Bali, Thailand - the appeal of exotic countries lies not only in their natural beauty and chilled-out relaxation.[...]

Elegant batik decoration for princesses, queens and fine ladies


Long live the cliché! Fortunately! When guys get together, a six-pack of beer and a decent barbecue are often enough decoration.[...]

Cool fabric design in your own style


Plain colours are boring. With a little textile paint and the courage to be imperfect, everyone can design their own fabric. As[...]

KREUL Upcycling with paint #8: marbled cups for spring sweets


Mmmm, wouldn't it be great if you always had a few sweets within reach everywhere - at home or in the office? Open bags don't look[...]

Beautiful vacation memories with the KREUL Photo Transfer Potch


Did you also bring home hundreds of exciting and beautiful pictures from your last vacation? The feet on the beach, the jump into[...]

KREUL Upcycling with paint #4: summery batik fabric covers


The weather is getting nicer and nicer. So why not do something outside? How about unique batik work in the garden under the apple[...]

KREUL Upcycling with paint #3: from a wooden board to a magnetic board


Do you always have to buy everything new in the store? Do you have to share the tastes of the masses with mass-produced goods?[...]

Incomparable! Marbling with matt Magic Marble colors


What the ancient Romans loved is extremely popular again: the marble look embellishes your home with unique, individual effects.[...]

Let’s get tropical! Green is the colour of summer


That's it: holiday feeling at home or at work. If you've got jungle fever, just get started - and design the tropics the way you[...]