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Our must-have in autumn: Stylishly designed candles

11/22/2022 |

A biting cold wind and grey drizzly weather – yes, please! When November gives us the cold shoulder, we're happy to stay indoors and make it nice and cosy. The warm glow of candlelight is just right for a relaxing end to a gloomy day. How sweet candles look in a dotty design, how elegant when decorated with a subtly plain look. But candles that you have decorated yourself are simply the most beautiful.


But they can look amateurish and it takes ages to clean up afterwards? But no, not with the KREUL Candle Pen! Our candle pen is so easy-going, that painting works first time without any need to read any long instructions – leaving nothing but wonder!


What's in the KREUL Candle Pen? How do you get the simple candles designs that you can admire on social media and interior design blogs? We present our favourite product for atmospheric autumn evenings.


What to use for easy candle painting?

With the KREUL Candle Pen, we have developed a pen to make painting candles as easy as you like.

The KREUL Candle Pen
•    contains a liquid-wax-based paint
•    has a fine painting tip with which you can apply the paint straight from the pen
•    can be used for many techniques

Great to get started designing candles right away – without any preparation needed. Simply remove the cap and paint your favourite design onto your candle. You don’t have to warm up the pen first as it already contains liquid paint. Use the handy pen to dot paint onto the candle. What about a lined look or a simple design in two colours? You don’t need any artistic talent with this versatile candle pen, just love design.  A fantastic way to conjure up a cosy atmosphere in your home. Or to surprise your nearest and dearest with a one-of-kind gift. 

KREUL Candle Pen: Containing natural beeswax

You can relax while being creative when you are already getting a good feeling from the paint itself. Not only because of its beautiful colour, but its fairly sourced special ingredients.

What is the candle paint in KREUL Candle Pens made of? It is a water-based paint containing liquid wax. We have additionally refined it with beeswax. So gentle, with a natural note, that's how we like candle painting.

Naturally, the KREUL Candle Pen is manufactured in Germany, in our sole facility in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. Here, we can guarantee quality that creatives can depend on – and that with working conditions that go beyond the usual standards.

Simple painting techniques – big effect on candles

What do you have to remember when painting candles? With the KREUL Candle Pen not very much – here the focus is on the fun designing candles. After all, there are many ways to design stylish candles. The easiest way is to apply the paint directly from the pen. For extrafine lines or lettering, we recommend attaching the KREUL Fine Metal Tip to the pen. This is also available in the shops.

You can use a paintbrush to easily paint larger shapes. You can get a classy vintage effect by using a bristle brush to apply a thin coat of paint. The candle paint has a creamy paste-like consistency – perfect for stencilling.

Our special tip: smooth two-tone colour application with a painting sponge. To get this look, squeeze some paint onto baking paper and then use a soft sponge to dab paint onto a white candle. Leave the bottom of the candle paint-free for a two-tone look. 

All the techniques for painting candles at a glance:

•    Apply paint directly from the pen tip
•    Use a fine tip for details
•    Paint with a paintbrush
•    Apply with a spatula
•    Sponge on with a painting sponge
•    Paint motifs with a stencil or mask areas of the candle with tape

No matter what technique you choose, designs painted with the KREUL Candle Pen take around eight hours to dry hard on a candle.

KREUL Candle Pen: As a single colour or in a set

We love the ambience of our homes bathed in the gentle glow of candlelight. We love it even more with candles that we have designed ourselves and make the heart skip a beat. After all, it's usually the simple things that create the perfect atmosphere. Candles are definitely a must-have here. And use the KREUL Candle Pen to dress them up for festive occasions.

Great that you can get the KREUL Candle Pen as a single pen or in a set. You can get lots of matching colours to paint candles with individual designs for the Christmas season, birthdays, christenings, confirmations or communions or for weddings.