Geschenkidee zu Weihnachten für Kuenstler

Christmas gifts to surprise and delight artists

11/21/2022 |

Oh, how wonderful to see the eyes of a creative individual light up when you present them with the ideal gift. Hobby artists have so many ideas they'd love to try out with paint. Of course, you can just ask them what they need in their studio, but a surprise is so much nicer.


But what do you gift hobby artists for Christmas? What small token or present might thrill someone who likes painting?


Here, we want to show you some Christmas gift ideas that are sure to please. How do we know that? Because our suggestions have been carefully thought out to match different skill levels. In this article, we present Christmas gift ideas for painting beginners, advanced painters to expert artists, so you are sure to find the perfect present!






Gift idea for beginner painters: KREUL el Greco acrylic paint starter sets

Creatives wanting to start acrylic painting in the new year need a solid set of dependable paints in basic colours. With the KREUL el Greco acrylic paint starter set 12 x 12 ml tubes, they get 12 brilliant colours. Perfect fto try out painting with acrylics at home or in a beginners' course. More colours are available in the KREUL el Greco acrylic paints starter set 18 x 12 ml tubes with 18 colours. An even wider spectrum of 24 colours is available in the KREUL el Greco Acrylfarben starter set 24 x 12 ml tubes. All colours can be mixed with each other. They dry quickly to a glossy finish. You can find more details on our Acrylic Paint Starter Sets here.

Other gift ideas for painting beginners:

  • KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints –  set 12 x 12-ml tubes
  • KREUL el Greco Oil Paints – set of 12 x 12-ml tubes
  • KREUL el Greco Watercolor Paints – set 12 x 12-ml tubes


Gift idea for advanced painters: SOLO GOYA Ready Mixed Pouring Set

The rewarding thing about artistic creativity is that your confidence in your own abilities grows with each new piece of art. Being creative also means being curious and a desire to experiment. More advanced painters are always looking for challenges and like trying out new techniques. So the SOLO GOYA Ready Mixed Pouring Set of 6 is a fantastic gift. Artists can use this to experiment and create abstract pictures. The complete set contains everything they need to to get a spectacular flow of colours in unique artworks. We explain how quick and easy pouring is here.

Advanced hobby painters would also love these gifts, too:

  • KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink - set of 6
  • KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker edge Powerpack
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic –  set of 6 100-ml tubes

Gift idea for expert painters: KREUL el Greco Acrylic Metallic Colors Set

Experienced artists know what they want and have already tried out lots of painting techniques.For them, it's all about getting more expression to their artwork. They can do this with paints that set off different elements of their pictures to best effect. Our gift tip for professional painters is the KREUL el Greco Acrylic 75ml – set of 4 Metallic Colors. It contains four metallic colours in gold, silver, red gold and copper. This captivating, shimmering acrylic paint has a buttery consistency, making it perfect for working with a palette knife or spatula to conjure artwork with that certain something. We show you how effective Impasto art with metallic shimmer with the Kreul el Greco Acrylic Metallic Colours Set is here.

More Christmas gift ideas for experienced artists:

  • KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink – Elegant Art set of 4 colours
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Medium - set of 3