Kind hört Mal-Anleitung zum Bild Malen für Sternennacht

Paint what you hear – with the KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night

10/31/2022 |

You wouldn't say 200-year-old masterpieces were really trendy, would you? But of course they are! Certainly for smart kids. They can paint their very own version of Vincent van Gogh‘s Starry Night by listening to an exciting podcast. The children's paint set with podcast instructions turns children from the age of 6 years into master forgers in an instant as they embark on a thrilling listening adventure. And that with artists' paints that have been specially developed for children. In this post, we reveal what you'll find in the KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night and how easy it is to paint like an old master.


What is the KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night?

With this creative set, children aged from 6 years paint their very own masterpiece based on Vincent van Gogh‘s Starry Night. Not by numbers, but by following instructions in a podcast. Talk about great art! Smart kids embark on an audio adventure with cool facts all about the famous painting and they learn lots of art's best-kept secrets . At the same time, step by step, they create their own version of the Starry Night. Amazing how great art turns into child's play – as long you know the secret codes. The KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night makes kids curious about the old master's painting in an up-to-the-minute way. This painting set fosters childrens' creativity and aesthetic perception.

Including KREUL artists' paints for children: Intense colour and child-safe

For this, children need paints that make a masterpiece really shine but that are nevertheless child-safe. Not water-resistant acrylic paints. But paints with which the children can paint worry-free. That's why we have developed KREUL artists' paints for children, which impress with their intense colour and child safety. These children's paints are produced on water basis at our factory in Hallerndorf – that is  they are all made in Germany. They can be washed off fabrics and they are dermatologically tested, paraben-free, titanium-oxide-free and vegan. No acrylic paint can match that.

Painting by listening - it's so easy

The KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night contains everything creative kids need to get started on their work of art straightaway. The children’s painting set comprises six KREUL water-based artists' paints for children in 20-ml tubes, a master forger board with an image of the original painting and tips for the different painting steps, two pieces of high-quality artist-quality paper with lines for guiding the young artists and a paintbrush. The budding master forgers can access the exciting podcast instructions by scanning the supplied QR code with a smartphone or tablet. Kids manage this in no time. And then the Listen-Up adventure can begin. 

Virtual exhibition: We are displaying the children's masterpieces on Instagram

Wow, the finished picture is a genuine work of art. This version of van Gogh‘s Starry Night should definitely go on display. It will certainly be an eyecatcher on a child's bedroom wall. But the master forgers can show off their work to other art enthusiasts. Online via the KREUL Instagram account. Just send a photo of the finished artwork by direct mail to @kreulpaint. Or upload the photo to Mum or Dad’s Instagram story and tag it @kreulpaint. Then we will be able to display the children’s artwork in our Instagram "MF Gallery". Many other creative people can then admire the budding artists' Starry Night. That’s definitely something to be proud of, isn't it?