KREUL Pouring Fertig Mischung Set

Pouring performance – quick and easy

05/19/2020 |

Magenta nestles against white, unites to form a pink spiral and makes its way next to metallic shimmering sapphire blue. The casting and flowing technique is a magical play of colours. Here the flow of paints determines which patterns and nuances are created. Sometimes gentle waves emerge, sometimes marbled whirls - always different and astonishingly beautiful. The finished artwork looks complex, but with the SOLO GOYA Ready Mixed Pouring Set, it is very easy to make. The trick: there is no need for complicated mixing with the pouring medium, because the paint bottles contain pre-mixed pouring acrylic paint. Never before has it been so easy to create exciting pouring art.


Not only the abstract artworks are breath-taking, but also the creation of the pictures is an experience. What looks so professional is easy to imitate even for newcomers to the art of pouring. For the paint to flow optimally on the stretched frame, a certain mixture ratio of pouring fluid and acrylic paint is required. Good thing you don't have to worry about this when using the SOLO GOYA Ready Mixed Pouring Set. All colours are already mixed in the bottles in the perfect ratio. So, even the inexperienced can start pouring immediately.

The SOLO GOYA Ready Mixed Pouring Set contains coordinated, ready-mixed pouring colours in white, carmine red, magenta, cobalt blue, black and sapphire blue.   All you need now for pouring is a stretched frame and a plastic cup. We also recommend wearing rubber gloves and covering the working table with a plastic sheet - after all, the flow of paint cannot be stopped so easily. The desired colours are put into the cup one after the other and then poured onto the canvas frame. By slightly tilting the base, the paint flows unhindered and forms abstract shapes - pure colour performance!

That was really fast, wasn't it? Casting and pouring art can be so easy! Depending on the thickness of the layer and the size of the stretched frame, it takes 12 to 72 hours for the pouring artwork to dry. We advise you not to move the picture during the drying phase to prevent the colour pattens from shifting any further. If you feel like trying more now, you can dive deeper into the world of pouring. How about a pouring picture with the SOLO GOYA Acrylic Special Effect Colors? With a colour performance in black and yellow, we explain the two basic pouring techniques again. We wish you a lot of fun repeating it!

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