KREUL Straßen Farbe Kinder Set Kreide

Brightly coloured and cheerful – that's what chalk Street Art is like

05/13/2020 |

Cloudy white, rubber-duck yellow, striped-sock red and flip-flop blue - in summer, white, yellow, red and blue will become the colours of good mood that sound like a party. At least the four tones of the KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint Starter Set. Open the pots and the bright chalk colours for children from 6 years will shine. Perfect for upgrading the uniform look on the terrace and painting over the dull grey of the asphalt. This creates bright yellow sun rays and colourful flower pictures in no time at all. And all this in the unmissable XXL format. This has nothing to do with chalk scribbling anymore but is a colourful eye-catcher in street art style!

Well, want to make the path in front of the doorstep brightly coloured? The KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint Starter Set is ideal for everyone who wants to try out the colour fun. The paint has a creamy consistency that can be easily applied to the asphalt with a larger bristle brush. It's cool how gaudy the pictures look on the grey road surface - painted hopscotch and flower meadows can't be missed until the next rain shower. Watch out, everybody - from now on the sidewalk is only a children's zone!

Four colour shades are not enough to bring all the ideas to the street? Nonsense! All shades of the KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint can be mixed with each other very easily. For a strong green, we simply paint rubber-duck yellow over flip-flop blue - what sounds like splashing fun magically creates intense green in no time at all. Wonderful, the road should stay this beautiful forever. Unfortunately, it can't, after all the KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint is a liquid chalk paint for children. So, mum and dad can spray the street art with the garden hose again. What the water jet cannot do, the next rain will wash way.

The KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint is developed and produced in Hallerndorf, Upper Franconia. Our high-quality standards result in paints that meet the requirements of the times. Sustainability is important to us. But also, compatibility for sensitive children's hands. The KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint is therefore dermatologically tested, paraben-free and vegan. After painting, colourful hands are quickly cleaned again with lukewarm water and soap. Splashes of paint on clothing are also no problem. The chalk paint can be washed out of most textiles. Nothing stands in the way of the summer street colour fun!

  • KREUL Streety Sidewalk paint Starter Set, Art.-Nr. 43100