KREUL Acryl Matt Marker Steinschlange

Set a mark – together and in many colours

05/19/2020 |

Striped, jagged and decorated with flowers, they wind their way through more and more city parks. They conjure a smile and inspire people to join in. The stone snakes take over the wayside. Nobody really knows who started it. But anyone can join in, paint a stone and put it on a stone snake. So that it continues to grow and sends a signal that no one is alone even in difficult times. We love to be creative together and make a difference with colour. This campaign is also possible by keeping the proper distance. Join in and start a stone snake yourself, you will be amazed how quickly a small coloured pebble worm turns into a brightly colour giant snake.


A few small stones for the first links are quickly found. They are even faster decorated with the KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker. In green, orange, blue and magenta, simple little stones are transformed into cheerful and colourful works of art. The KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker is available in nine different colours which shine wonderfully intensely on the grey background. Everybody can give free rein to their creativity. How about pretty dots, a rainbow or a few little hearts? Of course, the kids will paint funny faces and comic figures. Others will write messages to encourage. It's great how many different ideas can turn a small thing into a big whole.

Of course, you can also paint stones at home with a brush. But we like the spontaneous join-in character of the stone snake. The KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker fits in every pocket and can be taken out quickly when travelling. Filigree patterns are just as possible as large-scale colour art, because the KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker is available in two different versions. One with a robust round tip for fine decorations and one with a wide wedge tip for extra-wide lines.

Our creative signs shine in all colours even after a rain shower, because the KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker contains permanent acrylic paint. It is weatherproof, opaque and lightfast. Beautiful, how the wayside now enchants in a colourful way. Can our painted pebbles still be topped? At best, with the KREUL Acrylic Metallic Marker. In gold, silver or copper, it puts a crown on the stone snake.

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  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker green, Art.-Nr. 46238
  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker blue, Art.-Nr. 46237
  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker magenta, Art.-Nr. 46235
  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker orange, Art.-Nr. 46233
  • KREUL Acryl Matt Marker white, Art.-Nr. 46231
  • KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker gold, Art.-Nr. 46261
  • KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker silver, Art.-Nr. 46262
  • KREUL Acryl Metallic Marker copper, Art.-Nr. 46263