KREUL Straßenmalkreide flüssig Kinder Farbe malen outdoor

Hip hop of the street chalk paints

06/04/2020 |

Watch out for empty courtyard entrances and dreary pavements: now a firework of colours comes into play. As long as the sun is shining and no janitor is looking, cool kids open the caps of the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint and pull out the brushes. The liquid sidewalk paints quickly dance on the grey asphalt. Fast bikes, nasty monsters and hip hopscotch bring a lot more pep to the street than the grey monotony. In flip-flop blue, air-balloon purple or rubber-duck yellow, the vibes of summer buzz right outside the front door - intense and gaudy. Thin chalk scribbles were yesterday, today street art is the order of the day for kids. Even the bourgeois neighbours are amazed!


The KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint is available in six colour shades. It has a creamy consistency and can be spread in no time on the asphalt with a brush. Great for large-format works of art and hopscotch. They can be painted in a flash and stand out against the grey background with their strong colours. Within a few minutes everything is dry, a little brighter, but still nice and gaudy. Whether for construction vehicles or vans: the new play street is simply impossible to miss! From now on, you can jump in front of the door, paint and celebrate the summer.

Just like the summer, children's street art comes to an end. The next downpour and grandpa's garden hose wash away the art works. After all, the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint is a liquid chalk paint. Even coloured fingers are cleaned with soap and water, stained clothes are washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Good thing that the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint is water-based, vegan, paraben-free and dermatologically tested. For us, intense colours and sensitive needs are not mutually exclusive. For us, 'Made in Germany' is a quality award that we support completely.

For all those who want to try out the summer chalk fun, there is the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint Starter Set. With rubber-duck yellow, cloudy white, striped-sock red and flip-flop blue, you can make a lot of streets beautiful. Blade-of-grass green and air-balloon purple are added to the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint 6-piece set. Of course, all colours are also available separately. Whether individually or in a set: the liquid chalk is a fantastic gift idea for summer birthday children from 6 years and a highlight during the holidays.

  • KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint 6-piece set, Art.-Nr. 43110
  • KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint Starter set, Art.-Nr. 43100