Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Hibiscus

06/14/2020 |

Cheerful and sensitive: the South Seas beauty radiates summery carefreeness. The pink nuance smiles at us and makes the sun rays dance. The KREUL Nature Hibiscus Flower is full of charm that wants to be preserved. The magnificent petals are delicate and remind us how beautiful and ephemeral the grace of nature can be. But from the past, there comes new life. What was still dull in autumn-winter awakens again and sweetens the moment. In June, the playful hue inspires us, because it draws out attention to precious moments - fleeting but filled with joy and grace.


The KREUL Nature Hibiscus Flower is an opaque shade that ranges from sweet rosé to light apricot. The colour contains lots of white, some red and a dash of orange - a fantastic blend that makes soft pink a sparkling summer experience. Just as fresh and invigorating as the flowers of the hibiscus bush. A colour tone that is fun and shows how carefree life can be. Nevertheless, the KREUL Nature Hibiscus Flower is gentle and simple. Nature does not scream for attention; it shines with gentle beauty.

It is important to protect fragile habitats. KREUL Nature is inspired by the colours of nature and at the same time gives something back to it. The colour is designed all round to conserve resources. This is achieved with a formula that consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin and with packaging that is designed for recycling. Naturally, we pay attention to consistent, high quality. For us, 'Made in Germany' is a commitment to short transport routes and a seal that stands for reliability. With these basic ideas, we focus on changes that will make the future brighter.

A few strokes and dabbing are enough to lighten the mood with the pink tone. The KREUL Nature Hibiscus Flower is a nuance that turns found objects from nature into jewels of the home. So, we paint pebbles, shells or wooden plates with the creamy colour. Handmade paper or linen fabric also makes the cheerful pink something special. Together with the KREUL Nature Snow Crystal and the KREUL Nature Eucalyptus, a combination is created that radiates the lightness of being.