MUCKI KREUL Kinder Stoffstift Atemschutzmaske malen

Colourful for nose and mouth

06/22/2020 |

Fiery red vehicles, bright green hearts or colourful dotted confetti: children paint everything around their mouths in colour. No panic: the paint is not applied to the skin, but onto white children's face masks. Easy and uncomplicated with the MUCKI Fancy Fabric. Boring face masks become fun children's artwork that won't be seen a second time. In contrast to other handicrafts, they do not go onto the fridge, but are proudly worn by the little artists. Well, who needs extra paints on their face masks?


Even the set packaging in a T-shirt form looks like fun. The little fabric designers are bubbling over with ideas. Oops, the caps of the children's textile pens are already open and the fun of drawing on fabric can begin. No pumping, no shaking - that's not necessary with the MUCKI Fancy Fabric! A little yellow here, a line in black there, or rather a lot of red, green and blue? The five pens of the MUCKI Fancy Fabric are perfect for children from 4 years old. It's okay if the kids push too hard. The children's pens have a robust tip that will go through any enthusiasm.

Whatever is used by children should be safe. How good that the MUCKI Fancy Fabric is dermatologically tested. In addition, the children's pens are vegan, paraben-free, lactose free and gluten free. Perfect for sensitive kids! Our self-sewn children's face masks are made of white cotton fabric. It feels comfortable to wear and is an ideal base for bright fabric paints. The MUCKI Fancy Fabric is also suitable for cotton-blended fabrics or linen.

Is there any unpainted spot left? The little artists don't want to stop painting their face masks. It's great when the kids are easily occupied and something practical comes out of it. The finished painted children's face masks now only need to be ironed by mum for five minutes. Afterwards, the beaurifully decorated masks can easily withstand washing at 60 degrees. This is important because this way they become sterile and can be used in everyday life.

  • MUCKI Fancy Fabric fabric pen, Art.-Nr. 27156