KREUL PaperLove Stifte Lettering Set Marker

Art Journaling – Time-out in watercolour style

06/22/2020 |
  • SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker
  • KREUL Paper Love
  • SOLO GOYA Painting medium for watercolour painting
  • Ideen für Künstler

Precise words and flowing colour - a combination that enchants us and arouses emotions. We are happy to take a little time with a creative diary to let our thoughts wander and put them down on paper in colour. The KREUL PaperLove Marker Set offers everything we need to create a very personal collection of artwork. Painting inspiring little things is a wonderful way to be with yourself in a creative way. Art journaling may not produce masterpieces, but wonderful colour experience with watercolour and lettering. Join in and enjoy the little time out!


The nice thing about art journaling in the watercolour look is that you can get started anywhere and without any complications. Everything you need is included in the KREUL PaperLove Marker Set. With the 5 pens you can create wonderful pictures. The SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker in the colours magenta, yellow-green and cyan bring cheerful colour into play. All you need now is water, brush and paper - and your thoughts can flow colourfully. But the real centre is formed by white and black lines - sometimes as delicate letters, sometimes as fine drawings.

The secret of white contours is simple and yet so wonderful to look at. They are created with the SOLO GOYA Masking Marker which covers all areas that are to remain white with liquid scratch crepe. Then place the colour of the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker on a plate, dissolve with water and apply generously to the paper with a brush. Once the background paint has dried, the rubber coating of the SOLO GOYA Masking Marker can be rubbed off with a finger. What remains is bright colour and the pure white of the paper. Dazzling!

The SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker is a fantastic all-rounder. The fine tip is shaped like a brush and ensures a perfect application of paint. This makes it possible to create thin lines or wide areas. The addition of water lightens the strong colour tone - so, strong magenta becomes the soft pink of a petal. Want even more colour? The strong pigmentation allows you to mix more intensive colours. Cyan and yellow-green produce dark green, magenta and cyan turn into violet. This results in colour-strong images with only three colour tones as a starting point. Less is simply more!

What would diaries and personal notes be without words? With the KREUL Black Marker, thoughts can be written down expressively. It contains pigmented ink which is both opaque and waterproof. Perfect for writing, sketching or to transform words into artistic letterings. The carefully painted letters in contrasting black become a total work of art with coloured areas where only the 'here and now' applies. If you like, you can stick cut-out favourite quotations and poems on it. As is usual with a diary, the art journaling artwork is not fixed. After all, the designed postcards, coloured notes and book pages are a personal creative treasure that only pleases your own heart - just a little time-out with watercolour.

  • KREUL PaperLove Marker Set, Art.-Nr. 18199
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  • KREUL Paper Water Color 10 sheets 200 g/m² DIN A4, Art.-Nr. 69011
  • KREUL Paper Postcard 20 sheets 300 g/m² DIN A6, Art.-Nr. 69031
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