KREUL Nature Lila Violett sanft Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Lavender

07/01/2020 |

Soothing and attractive: in nature, lavender enchants with a fragrance that refreshes the senses. Bees swarm around the aromatic plant and use it to nurture a heartfelt giving and taking. The perennial is undemanding, even hot temperatures and harsh conditions cannot harm its beauty. The colour stands for resistance and a reliable symbiosis in nature. The KREUL Nature Lavender is our colour of the month July because it radiates the confidence and optimism of summer.




The KREUL Nature Lavender is a dark shade of blue-violet - a colour that accentuates and magically attracts in the lush green of summer. The mystical depth is created by the interaction of two strong colours: dark blue and cold red, with the blue component clearly dominating. Thus, the KREUL Nature Lavender not only appears particularly cool, but is one of the darkest shades in the KREUL Nature palette. This beguiling plant proves that darkness does not mean dreariness, but joy of life. Wherever lavender grows, a feeling of peace, security and well-being is created.

If you get inspired by nature, you will be happy to give something back to it. That's why there is a concept behind the KREUL Nature that conserves resources and protects habitats. So, the paint consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. Climate-neutral production as well as recycling are the main focus of the packaging. As a responsible family business, we are happy to get actively involved and plant a tree for every second KREUL Nature set sold. A lot of know-how and attention to detail are values that create reliable quality and make the future a little better.

Snail shells and driftwood are mysterious by nature. With a few decorations in the KREUL Nature Lavender, the found objects become extravagant accessories for the home or garden. The creamy colour can be easily applied with a soft brush to various surfaces such as wood or stone. How about the KREUL Nature Lavender on handmade paper? The dark colour tone brings peace to the turbulent everyday life and keeps the memory of warm summer days alive for a long time.