Tassen abstrakt bemalen mit KREUL Glass & Porcelain Farben

Splashes of summer: good-mood colours for cups

06/26/2023 |

Warm Orange, fiery Carmine Red: the summer is going to be hot and needs some cooling down in Cobalt Blue or fresh May Green! A perfect job for the new KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Set Color Living 6 x 20 ml. This includes six brilliant colour shades that go together in every combination. Great to give tableware and drinking glasses a new look with a holiday vibe. Here, we have painted cups with cheerful colours from this set. Our DIY idea with porcelain paints makes your coffee cups really fit for the summer!


KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Set Color Living: six stylish colours

A new look for your cups & co. is very stylish, but which colours go well together? Well, all of them. At least all six in our KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Sets Color Living. It comprises six jars in Light Blue, Cobalt Blue, Orange; Carmine Red, Rose and May Green. This mix of warm and cooler shades is ideal for dynamic impact and instant good mood.

Super for painting easy patterns with strokes and dabs of paint along with geometric shapes on cups and glasses. Perfect, too, for overlapping elements. KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic not only comes in brilliant  colours, it also provides good paint coverage.

Painting cups, plates and glasses can now be sustainable

The set comes with a paintbrush that you can use to apply paint to a ceramic surface. The designs dry fast to a glossy finish. A splendid new look for old cups and drinking glasses. So, with our porcelain paints, you've no need to buy new tableware. Truly sustainable, don't you think? And we are keen for the formula and packaging of the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Sets Color Living to be just as sustainable.

The paints consist of at least 60 % sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The binder is vegetable-oil-based. The cardboard packaging consists of 94% recycled material. Only paint Made in Germany is so well thought-through.

Here’s how: our tips and tricks

Do you, too, fancy creating this new, abstract summer look? Painting cups and glasses is totally easy. Here we explain how to paint on porcelain step by step.

After a drying time of 4 hours, place your painted tableware in a cold domestic oven. Then fix your painted design for 90 min at 160 °C. Let everything cool and cure in the oven. Now, your painting is waterproof, dishwasher-safe and saliva-resistant.