Tablett mit Deko angemalt mit KREUL ACryl Glanzfarben Color Living

Bright prospects for stylish decoration

04/05/2023 |

Everything grey in grey? Not anymore! These trendy shades can pep up your home! And you don’t need a full home makeover, just a few highlights in cheerful colours. You’ll find these in the new KREUL Color Living Acrylic Gloss Paints Set. Perfect for giving your favourite home decor pieces a new look or for designing other eye-catching accessories for the living room. Here, we show you just what this DIY paint set can do. Fancy a bit of colourful glamour? Then get going with the new spring outfit for decor objects, furniture and more.


KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint Set Color Living: Gleaming, good-mood colours

From now on, gloomy weather can no longer dampen our spirits. The colours in the acrylic paint sets always bring the sun out. Summery turquoise over romantic rose, with a few dramatic dabs of dark yellow – and in no time at all, you can turn a plain wooden box into a stunning design feature in boho style.

The KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint Set Color Living comes with six good-mood colours, perfectly coordinated with each other. Light Blue, Turquoise, Dark Yellow, Dark Red, Rose and Lime Green match together wonderfully, so you can combine them with each other to your heart’s content. This will bring a gleam to your decor objects as the DIY paints dry to a glossy finish. So let's get going – a handy brush is also included in this complete set.

Opaque coverage and weatherproof

The colours in this set gleam even on dark surfaces like set concrete. After all, they provide opaque coverage. We have given a candle holder made of grey concrete a sunny coat of dark yellow. That livens things up straight off!

KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paints are water-based. They are also waterproof, weatherproof and saliva-resistant. Perfect for painting decorative objects for outdoors, furniture or toys.

Glossy acrylic paint for DIY and upcycling

Here a dab of paint, with an added highlight there: the stylish colours give white and beige-coloured furniture and accessories a fresh, summery new look. And it’s great that you can use KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paints on so many different surfaces. They are suitable for painting wood, paper, card, polystyrene, stone, dry concrete, terracotta, glass, ceramics, clay, plastic, leather and even air-drying clay. KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint is a real allrounder for DIY and upcycling projects –  here's one practical example.

Good to know: We produce all the paints in the KREUL Color Living Acrylic Gloss Paint Set in a fair and safe process in Germany. At our plant in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. It is important to us that we take responsibility for the future. That’s why the set packaging is made of 94 % recycled materials.