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A fresh breeze for your home: A DIY idea with driftwood

05/25/2022 |

A gentle breeze that makes you yearn for summer? A breeze that can soon be whispering through our mobile, a DIY project we have designed with KREUL Nature. For this awesome piece of hanging art, we have combined the colours eucalyptus, lavender, and honeycomb. In hardly any time at all, we made our wooden mobile from natural materials, leaving us with plenty of time to paint the pretty decorations with KREUL Nature’s harmoniously coordinated colour shades. Are you looking for a natural decoration for your living room or patio? Look no further: Here are our DIY instructions for a summery driftwood mobile.


Making a driftwood mobile: Step by step

A natural surface is perfect for KREUL Nature’s glowing colours. The unique look of driftwood smoothed down by the waves and bleached by the sun has inspired our DIY mobile. We drilled a hole in each piece of wood, ready to hang it up later. Then, we painted the driftwood pieces, using the following KREUL Nature colours: Loam, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Snow Crystal, Honeycomb, Hibiscus Flower, Coral, and Slate. Do so many different colour nuances even go together? But of course! All KREUL Nature colours are designed to harmonize with each other in every possible combination.

Harmonious designs with a summer feeling

Dipping our paintbrushes into the creamy colour, we painted narrow and wide stripes on the bits of driftwood. Sometimes, we left an area untouched, for a visible contrast between the colours and the wooden surface. KREUL Nature is opaque and dries matt very quickly. Perfect for adding little dabs of colour, zig-zag lines, or even fish designs on top of an already-dried layer. Wow, look at the simple but effective designs you can create! We laced string through each of the finished pieces, so that we could tie all the elements to a branch. And voila, our natural materials mobile was finished! You can hang this decorative accessory outdoors; it can get wet but should not stand permanently in water. You can find more tips for using KREUL Nature here.

Sustainable painting and creating with KREUL Nature

Creating art with natural materials makes us more sensitive to both nature’s beauty and its fragility. That is why we have designed KREUL Nature to be especially resource-saving. With our most sustainable DIY colour range, we want to make a responsible contribution to the future. The paint formulations contain 84 % sustainable natural resources. The screw-top jars consist of 85 % waste plastic and – just like the glass – are 100 % recyclable. The labels have been made with 30 % recycled fibres. KREUL Nature is produced in a fair and safe process in Germany. We have put great thought and effort into doing our bit for the environment. The result is a paint you can feel good about using.


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