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Colourful painting fun on KREUL Paper Kids Art

06/07/2022 |

Mixing red over yellow, adding dots of blue glitter on top: When budding young artists play out their ideas with paint, they need a sturdy surface to paint on. They can enjoy colourful painting fun especially on white paper as the neutral background makes the colours really pop. And, of course, one sheet is never enough. But no need for panic, KREUL Paper Kids Art contains 20 sheets of paper for children to create stunning art. Super for displaying the dried masterpieces in the living room or gifting to Grandma and Granddad. You want to know what makes this drawing pad for children’s paints different? Then, you can find out all about it in this post.


For drawing and painting

What gets put down on paper is meant to last. That is how it is for great thinkers and creatives and it is no different for mini-artists. Our art pad for children has a smooth surface, natural white in colour. A sheet of white paper gives so much scope for expressing ideas in paint. And to make sure there’s space for all these ideas, KREUL Paper Kids Art is available in DIN A4 and DIN A3 sizes. The surface is ideal for painting on with MUCKI craft paint, MUCKI finger paint or with pens and pencils. The young artists can draw their ideas and colour them in with paint!

From sustainably managed forests

The KREUL Paper Kids Art paper has a paper weight of 160 g/m² and is therefore stronger than other papers, like, for example, photocopier paper. Ideal for painting large areas with liquid MUCKI craft paints or for making handprints with MUCKI fingerpaint. It is important to us that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests. All paper in the KREUL Paper Kids Art is therefore FSC™ certified (FSC™ Mix) and produced in an environmentally friendly process.