Blau Gläser mit KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe bemaltes Kissen im Hintergrund

Five Questions about KREUL Javana Silk Paint

08/03/2022 |

Smooth, with a subtle shimmer, caressing the skin – there is hardly any other fabric that feels as elegant and precious as silk. How wonderful that you just need the right paint to transform this fabric into stylish and eye-catching accessories. But you can use silk paint to paint other fabrics, not just silk. Great for fashionable scarves, cushion covers or bags! To make design projects with silk paint easy, here we answer the five most frequently asked questions about KREUL Javana Silk Paint.




How long does KREUL Javana Silk Paint keep?

There is no use-by date on the jars or bottles of silk paint. That doesn’t mean you have to use it straightaway. Quite the opposite: providing you put the lid back on the paint jar after you use it and store it at normal room temperature, KREUL Javana Silk Paint keeps for very long time: a good indicator is its smell and consistency. As long as the paint doesn’t smell unpleasant and you can still stir it well, then it’s ready to use. Often even after years.

What do I need to keep in mind when painting silk?

Newly bought fabrics have often been treated, so wash the silk fabric before you start painting. Without softener or finishing agent, to make sure there is no residue left on the silk. KREUL Javana Silk Paint is highly pigmented and has a very fluid consistency. The paint immediately penetrates deep into the fibres of the fabric. You can get an even application of paint if you wet the silk first. Then apply the paint with a brush and just “go with the flow”.

For what surfaces is KREUL Javana Silk Paint suitable?

As the name suggests, KREUL Javana Silk Paint was originally developed for painting on silk. But you don’t always have to use silk. The liquid fabric paint can do much more. Besides silk, it is suitable for all absorbent fabrics like cotton, viscose, linen and blends containing maximum 20 % synthetic fibres. You can even use it to dye flax, wool or felt. With its liquid consistency, KREUL Javana Silk Paint is very high-yield paint for lots of stylish DIY projects with fabric.

With which techniques can you use silk paint?

Lots of creatives trust in the colour brilliance of KREUL Javana Silk Paint for traditional silk painting. Here the silk is fixed to a stretcher frame and contour paint and salt are used. Our tip for clean contours: use a paintbrush to apply wate to the contoured area before painting. Where the water runs over the contour, touch up the contour with contour paint. A fantastic application is watercolour-like painting on silk. For this technique, apply the paint to dampened silk to create graduated colour washes. For the spray technique, fill the silk paint into an empty spray bottle and spray it onto the fabric. Try bleaching to create motifs with sharp contours. For this technique, place a stencil, freshly pressed grasses, leaves or wetted feathers onto the freshly coloured fabric and dry the fabric in the sun. As the fabric dries, the sun draws the colour pigments from under the covered areas. Thanks to the capillary effect, the result is a bleached motif surrounded by colour.

How do you fix KREUL Javana Silk Paint to fabric?

To make the painted silk and other fabrics washable, after a drying time of around 6 hours, fix the paint with heat. You can do that easily in an oven at 150°C with top and bottom heat for 8 to 10 minutes. We can also recommend fixing the paint with an iron. Cover the painted fabric and ironing board with baking paper. Then iron the fabric for 5 minutes, or longer for larger areas of fabric.