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Apprenticeship at KREUL? A point of honour!

07/21/2022 |

We say “Yes” to training young talent! At KREUL, vocational training is at the top of our agenda. Not only in the different departments, but on management level, too. Dr Florian Hawranek, Managing Partner at KREUL, has been elected to the Forchheim Committee of Germany’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). His work in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is a voluntary commitment. A responsible undertaking without remuneration, which, however, will pay off for KREUL in the long term. We report on how important training is at KREUL and what role the IHK plays in this.




For a future-oriented company

“Vocational training is an investment in the future. For young people, but for KREUL, too. With the professional training of young people, knowledge is passed onto future generations. The basis for future paint experts is created and the flair for colour at KREUL is preserved," says Dr Florian Hawranek. An option from which both sides profit. School-leavers have the opportunity to learn a profession with future prospects. Information on apprenticeships and traineeships at KREUL from September can be found  here. In return, the colour and paint manufacturer is given an injection of fresh ideas, helping it to stay up to date. Like a fresh lick of paint for this long-established company!

KREUL and the IHK: Close cooperation

For a good start in professional life, you need a good partner. When it comes to vocational training, KREUL is therefore working together with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Together we create a solid foundation that young people can trust in. At KREUL, they get to work in every department and learn about the standard procedures in a medium-sized enterprise. Training supervisors within the company stick to the training plan set down by the IHK. With his involvement in the IHK Forchheim Committee, Dr Florian Hawranek draws on experience from his own company to further vocational training in the region. The IHK for Upper Franconia in Bayreuth is one of 79 Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany. It manages itself and is committed to strengthening Upper Franconia as an industry location. This is only possible with volunteering by the industry, For example, with entrepreneurs putting themselves up for election to the regional IHK committees. There, they work to make sure that the Chamber of Industry and Commerce‘s work remains practical, unbureaucratic, flexible and cost-effective.