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Colour of the month: Lemon

07/20/2022 |

Carefree and refreshing – that’s lemon. The lightest shade in the colour wheel gives us a cool look in hot temperatures, relishing the cheerful side of the summer. It flutters past us in the form of a brimstone butterfly, revives us in the form of lemonade and inspires us to create art with a holiday feel. After all, the colour is perfect for summery still-lifes with citrus fruits or blooming landscapes on canvas. Whether as a sparkle of light or larger block of colour: Lemon is perfect for artistic highlights and that's why we've picked it as our colour of the month for July.


Light basic colour for fresh hues

Yellow is a primary colour and cannot be mixed from other colours. But there are variations in the temperature of the colour. Lemon, for example, has a cool undertone. This is clearly visible when it’s next to cadmium yellow, which radiates more warmth. Lemon is not only ideal for painting citrus fruits, it forms part of the basic palette for lots of artists. The colour is excellent for lightening blue shades in the direction of greener hues. With a little bit of lemon, you can turn cyan into a fresh turquoise green.

SOLO GOYA Acrylic: Bright lemon

In the KREUL colour palette, lemon is available as a SOLO GOYA Acrylic. The colour is semi-transparent, that is the surface underneath shines through if you paint over an area in lemon. The colour is therefore often used for colour washes. On a white surface, lemon shines in its full glory. Thanks to its creamy consistency, the paint is easy to apply. It dries fast and matt – perfect for rounding off acrylic artwork with added layers of colour. What about a colour harmony that brings a bit of cool in summer? In SOLO GOYA Acrylic there are numerous shades of blue that are perfect for combination with lemon.

SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker: Lettering and watercolours in lemon

Light summer art doesn’t always have to be on canvas. Lemon is a fantastic colour for cheerful artwork on paper. As bright yellow lettering, lemon is a real eye-catcher on white watercolour paper. Add a little water, and the intense ink soon floats off into a softer light yellow. Perfect for lemon-coloured watercolour backgrounds. It’s great that a colour can inspire creativity in many ways. We see lemon as a must-have for artists. We supply the colour in many different forms: As liquid acrylic paint in SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic, as a paste-like acrylic paint in KREUL el Greco Acrylic, as acrylic ink in KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink and as a KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker.