grün angemaltes Krokodil aus einer Papprolle gebastelt

Jungle alarm: We’re making reptiles from cardboard rolls

07/19/2022 |

Watch out, there are wild animals about! But you don’t have to be scared of our crocodile and snake made out of kitchen rolls. And the cardboard animals painted with MUCKI Craft Paint look so funny that they are guaranteed to be a hit at the next children’s birthday party. Or for a little jungle adventure during the holidays. You can make one, too! We’ll show you how to make our zoo animals from cardboard rolls. Mummy or Daddy may have to help with the cutting. But the little DIY crafters can do the painting all by themselves.


Bright green and spiky: How to make the crocodile

For our reptiles, you will need cardboard rolls, such as empty kitchen or toilet rolls. In addition, MUCKI craft paint in yellow, green, red, blue and white, a paintbrush, scissors, a cutting knife , MUCKI Kids Glue and wiggle eyes. First, cut the body of the crocodile out of the cardboard roll with a cutter knife. As the knife is very sharp, Mummy or Daddy should do that. At the front end, cut the crocodile’s teeth. At the back end, four legs. On the back, cut the spiky scales and fold these back with your finger. Now, you can get started with the painting fun! We have mixed yellow and green to get bright green and use this colour to paint the outside of the roll. We paint the teeth gleaming white. Then, we wait until the paint is dry. You can use a hairdryer to dry the paint quicker. Now, use MUCKI Kids Glue to stick the funny wiggle eyes to the croc’s head, and then you can scare Daddy with it.

Stamping, printing and magicking patterns on the kitchen roll snake

For the cardboard snake, we need to do a bit more painting. First, paint the outside of the roll bright green and then a sunny shade of yellow on the inside. Once the two layers of MUCKI Craft Paint have dried, time for some action. Decorate the snakeskin with a dangerous-looking, but beautiful pattern. To do this, dip the edge of some stiff cardboard in blue paint and stamp lines onto the green. You can make great dots with a sponge paint dabber or use the back end of a paintbrush to dot MUCKI craft paint . Bubble wrap and other structured materials are also good for printing patterns. Here you can get really creative.

Cutting out your slithery snake

We want our snake to be really long and curly. You can do that best with craft scissors, good cutting practice for small hands. Cut the painted cardboard roll in a 1-cm-wide strip – from the snake’s tail to his head. Here, cut a little tongue and paint it red. Because you have cut it into a spiral, the cardboard snake curls up on its own. What fun! And you can make the snake even funnier by sticking two wiggle eyes onto its head with MUCKI Kids Glue.

MUCKI Craft Paint: Fun colours for crafty kids

That was fun, and inspiration for many other craft adventures. It's so easy to use MUCKI Craft Paint to realize so many different craft ideas. The water-based children’s paint is suitable for painting on paper, card, canvas, wood, and stone. Perfect for lots of projects for little painting experts from 4 years upwards. And so that you can let them enjoy painting without any worries, we have made MUCKI craft paint especially child-friendly. It has been dermatologically tested, and it is paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, titanium dioxide free and vegan. And if paint does find its way onto clothes, then no problem: MUCKI Craft Paint can be washed out of most fabrics at 30 °C and upwards.