Kunstwerk mit goldenem Blattmetall Aufstrich

Stylish and beautiful: Golden wall decoration with metal leaf

08/11/2022 |

Fancy a touch of elegance in the living room? Then time for some eye-catching decoration with KREUL Leaf Metal. Light shimmering over gilt surfaces inspires an incomparable fascination. Let’s use this unique effect for a little home styling with KREUL Leaf Metal. Gilding might sound like a big restoration project, but it is really not complicated. We show you how easy it is to create elegant wall art with KREUL Leaf Metal and give you step-by-step instructions to create gilded artwork. Finally, there is an extra gilding tip for those wanting quick results. Let’s get started with our golden DIY idea, something you won’t easily find in the shops


Gilding wall decoration: Step-by-step

Simple, minimalistic, unique – that’s how we like our decorative accents for walls. The timeless sheen of metal leaf doesn’t need much to turn heads. You only need a primed canvas stretcher frame as the surface and special adhesive, the KREUL Primer for Leaf Metal in pastose form. With this, you can lay the KREUL Leaf Metal perfectly into place on different surfaces. The special feature of our gilded wall decoration: its relief-like haptics attracting lingering gazes. This is created almost on its own thanks to the viscous consistency of KREUL Primer pastose. Apply the primer with a palette knife onto the stretcher frame. Now the slightly milky, pastose primer has to dry until it turns transparent. Then, lay the KREUL Leaf Metal onto the surface and carefully press it down with a soft, dry brush. Leave the gilded wall decoration to dry for at least 12 hours and then carefully polish the gold surface with a soft cloth. After a few days, coat your leaf metal artwork with KREUL Coating Varnish to protect it against corrosion.

Elegant look for concrete artefacts

Gilding is easy, you just need a bit of finger dexterity, So let’s make a golden artefact to match and create some golden harmony for the living room, To get an interesting contrast to the opulent sheen of the golden surface, we are gilding an object made of dried and hardened concrete. This time, apply the pastose KREUL Primer with a brush to parts of the concrete surface. As soon as the surface of the adhesive turns transparent, lay the KREUL Leaf Metal onto the surface and press down with a clean paintbrush. Remove any unwanted bits of metal leaf with the brush. To protect the gilded decoration, we recommend coating it with KREUL Zapon Varnish. This is a high-gloss, transparent metal protective lacquer on synthetic resin basis used to prevent tarnishing on moisture-retaining substrates such as concrete, plaster, terracotta or clay.

For fast silver-look artwork: KREUL Metal Leaf Effect Spray

You want to speed things up? Of course, we have a tip for getting a gold or silver sheen in no time at all: Just use KREUL Metal Leaf Effect Spray. The fast-drying nitro-combi paint in silver or gold recreates the look of metal leaf. You can spray a fast and even coat of gold or silver. We have primed our stretcher frame in white to show off the silver to best effect. But the KREUL Metal Leaf Effect Spray also looks fantastic on neutral colours like black or grey, too. Shake the can for around 2 minutes and then spray several accents crosswise. Let the paint dry – and prepared to be wowed!