Baum Skizze in Skizzenbuch vor Landschaft mit Stift

Why sketching outdoors can build up our artistic skills

08/17/2022 |

Summer, sun, spending time outdoors: you can capture the play of light between colours wonderfully by creating art while you are out and about. Let’s find a shady spot or use the cool hours of the morning to walk and sketch in the park. A fantastic start to the day to tweak our artistic skills. The old masters themselves painted "plein air", that is, they painted outside in the fresh air. Photography wasn’t possible back then or too expensive. Not a problem today, but sketching outdoors still has certain benefits that painting at home can’t give us. We reveal three facts why al fresco sketching can improve your own art style. Our favourite tool for this is the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker. The artist marker is handy for when you are out and about, fitting even into small bags or pockets, and can be used in lots of different ways.


Fact 1: Sketching outdoors trains your artist's eye

Trees, park benches, flower beds: you can put anything into your artwork. Once you’re out, first you have to choose your motif. Does your subject look more artistically interesting from a different perspective? Different viewpoints train your eye for compositions. But you also sharpen your spatial vision. What jumps out at you and what should you accentuate in your later sketch? What’s hiding in the background? You can capture the scene first with a colour wash using a SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker. For this, first wet the paper liberally with water. Draw a line with the marker and immediately brush over the line with a paintbrush to break up the line. The water dissolves the pigment ink and it floats like watercolour to give you a wonderful background.

Fact 2: Outside you create artwork with greater expression

Let's look more closely at our motif in the landscape. The apples on the tree are interesting, but you can hardly see them? Then make them stand out with the colour-intensive marker. Artists decide how their artwork should look! It isn’t important what the reality actually is, but what we want to depict in our artwork! It’s really good how the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker delivers such intense colour. With the fine brush tip, you can get expressive details that catch the eye. For instance, magenta-coloured apples or contrasting shading in green. In reality, both may look very different, but in art anything goes, as long as you like it. If you think you might have overdone the contrast, then use a little water to fade the colours slightly.

Fact 3: Sketching outdoors, you get more life in your picture

Oh, the weather changes while you’re painting. A catastrophe? No, more an experience that brings more vibrancy to your art. Let’s bring the fresh breeze into your sketch with some sweeping strokes. And all the better if a few raindrops splash onto your artwork. The water-soluble ink reacts instantly to give an interesting texture and the droplets become stylistic devices. Joy, hectic flurry of activity, the unexpected – everything is channelled into the finished sketch. With insects buzzing around sketchbook and the sun tickling your nose, sketching can sometimes be quite a challenge. But a snapshot with your camera only captures the moment, whereas a 30-minute sketch records your surroundings as you experienced them. Great that sketching with SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Markers gives you so much variety: a colourful sketch, some beautiful moments and new ways to express yourself.