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Colour magic conjured with water: learning together through play

08/08/2022 |

Splish-splash and hocus-pocus: When colour and water come together, magic happens. Unbelievable? No, true! The MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We magically create colours with water and pens amazes little painting experts from 4 years. And, of course, Mummy and Daddy, too. Kids can use it to magic new colours. With intense blue and water, they can suddenly conjure up light blue. And what if yellow and red want to get in on the act? Following the illustrated instructions, kids can create a cheery hot-air balloon, a dazzling rainbow, a colour circle and much more. Ideal for learning with water and colour – we want to show you what the latest Play Me Paintbox can do.


Hey presto! Magic with children’s pens and water

Hello, Darius Dinosaur! This cute dinosaur’s greatest wish is a bright green body. With the red, blue and yellow children’s watercolour pens and a little bit of water, kids can grant him his wish almost by magic. Mummy reads the short play instructions and the kids use a wet brush to instantly create green. Totally fascinating! Budding colour researchers learn how they can easily transform colours just by adding water. And it works with other motifs, too. What about a colourful crab or a beautiful butterfly? Understanding colour mixing with water has never been so much fun.

Complete kit in MUCKI quality

The MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We magically create colours with water and pens is a complete kit for children aged from 4 years, and, naturally, specially adapted to the needs of little colour experts. Of course, we have gone with MUCKI Paper Pixie watercolour pens. The box contains a total of six pens in yellow, red and blue that fit perfectly in small hands. In the usual MUCKI quality, they are dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, titanium-dioxide-free, vegan, and the colours can be washed out of most fabrics from 30°C. Water makes the colours flow, so kids can use the paintbrush supplied in the box to mix new colours in a flash. We are sure that kids will want to get painting the ten picture cards in bright colours straightaway, but with the play instructions included in the kit, the fun can become a special colour adventure – shared with Mummy or Daddy.

Making a colour circle is child’s play

On the colour circle picture card, the child doesn’t colour in all the circles straightaway. Our tip here is to leave every second circle free and then wet it with water. As if by magic, the neighbouring colours are drawn into the empty circles. And, wow, green suddenly appears in one circle, purple in another and orange at the top. Fantastic! Mummy and Daddy can be proud of how their kids magic their first colour circle. Learning made fun! The instructions guide the kids to discover many more colour wonders and surprising effects.

Well-thought-out colour play for children from 4 years

The MUCKI Play Me Paintbox – We magically create colours with water and pens is a one of a line of sets. All MUCKI Play Me Boxes are a colour experience for sharing with children. The colourful tasks and play ideas have been developed by educators. They stimulate the concentration, creativity and fine motor skills of children aged from 4 years in age-appropriate play. Each MUCKI Play Me Box focuses on a specific topic and includes everything children need for colourful learning and play.