KREUL Pens für Papier Textilien

Handy and effective: that's our pens

07/18/2023 |

Beads, dots, lines, writing – for 3D decorations, KREUL pens are unbeatable. And they can do even more. The paint from the handy pens is perfect for stamping, stencilling, application with a spatula, for masking techniques, for painting with a paintbrush or dabbing with a sponge. Why is it so versatile? That is because of the creamy, paste-like consistency of the paint. And the fine painting tip that you can use to paint precise patterns. For even more filigree lines and writing, we recommend the KREUL fine metal tip. You can easily screw this onto all pens. Fancy some stylish and colourful decorations? We present an overview of our pens here.


KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen

Just squeeze the pen slightly, and the paint flows out of the pen to give a three-dimensional look. You can use it to create decorations that really make an impact. And, once dried, they also feel fantastic, even spectacular. After all, in the heat of a domestic oven, the paint puffs up. It is fascinating to watch and turns the small ornaments into eye-catching features. What about, for instance, 3D decorations on felt tags and trinkets? The KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen also works on fabrics. We tell you how to get the best puffy paint effects, in our post "Five  questions about KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen".

KREUL Metallic Pen, KREUL Glitter Pen and KREUL Pearl Pen

Shimmering, glittering and shining effects are already a highlight. With these pens, too, you can get unique haptic effects. With the KREUL Pearl Pen, you can dot beautiful pearls of paint. We present the KREUL Pearl Pen in detail here.

With the KREUL Glitter Pen, you can get sparkly, three-dimensional decorations. Simply glamorous for your next party! Prefer cool highlights in a metallic look? Then the KREUL Metallic Pen is the right choice. We show you some great ideas with the KREUL Glitter Pen and the KREUL Metallic Pen 
Whether on table decorations, invitations or gift wrapping: the KREUL Metallic, KREUL Glitter and KREUL Pearl Pens are fantastic to make something really special for celebration decorations.


KREUL Candle Pen

What can instantly create a cosy atmosphere? That’s right, candles! And it's even better if they are individually decorated to gift a favourite person or even yourself. We have developed the KREUL Candle Pen to transfer colourful ideas onto candles, It contains liquid-wax paint that is perfect for painting on candles. And that nice and gently, as we have refined the formula for the KREUL Candle Pen with natural beeswax. We report here on the the candle design techniques with the KREUL Candle Pen.