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Classy decoration for the big day

04/20/2022 |

When it's time to celebrate a special person, everything has to be perfect: lovingly decorated gift packaging, accessories on the celebration table or dainty favours for the guests. With the KREUL Pearl Pen, it's easy to create these stylish extras. You can use the decorative and effect paint in a handy pen to create elegantly shimmering decorative pearls in hardly any time at all. For instance, you can transform plain gift boxes into little jewel boxes. A wonderful idea to make fancy packaging for little gifts for christenings, communions, confirmations or weddings. And a stylishly designed casket for treasured keepsakes.


For divinely shimmering pearl decoration

Pearls are the epitome of elegance and timeless beauty. This makes them perfect for the presenting little treasures. The KREUL Pearl Pen is fantastic for adding a certain something to paper, cardboard or even textiles. The water-based paint gives intense colour for good coverage. Decorations with the KREUL Pearl Pen dry smooth. And the best thing: The dried pearls of paint gleam with a wonderful metallic effect and shimmer in the light. Dreamy and divine – just like the genuine article.

KREUL Pearl Pen: Every dot of paint turns into a pearl

The pretty pearl ornaments are easy to do. Screw the cap off the pen, gently squeeze the paint out of the pen and dot it gently onto the surface. With every dot, you make another decorative pearl. You can use the KREUL Pearl Pen to decorate lots of different surfaces like paper, wood, ceramics, stone, metal, glass, leather, plastic or textiles (washed cotton and mixed fabrics with a maximum of 20 % synthetic fibre content). We recommend that you leave decorated textiles to dry for 24 hours before wearing and you wash them in a laundry bag or inside out at up to 40 °C. What a pretty way to add a touch of elegance to accessories. And wonderful how even a minimalist look can add a celebratory note in an instant. We wish you a successful celebration!


KREUL Pearl Pen