MUCKI Farben Spiel Kiste Elch Tiere malen Fingerfarbe

Painting with our hands and fingers

04/20/2022 |

Look, here comes an elk! Children from 4 years can create this all by themselves – with the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox We're painting with our hands and fingers. In this set, children learn through play how easy it is to mix colours. They mix red and green to make brown in a flash. Perfect for the elk. Now, they just press down the paint with their hand, and glue on wiggly eyes. Doesn’t he look funny? Just like his fun friends. With the painting instructions, the children can create other animals like a fish, a butterfly or an elephant. A fantastic painting experience with hands and fingers, which improves the kids' motor skills along the way. Perfect for playing together with paint and colour!


Mixing, printing, painting - learning all about colours with our fingers

Looking for a gift idea for kids from 4 years? Then the MUCKI Play Me Box - We're painting with hands and fingers is perfect. When, under guidance, little fingers learn to mix colours themselves and use these to print different figures, a lot is going on. During this shared experience with Mummy or Daddy, the children's creativity is fostered and they learn all about colours. Hand-printing the different  animals with their fingers and carefully positioning their hands, the children train their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The MUCKI Play Me boxe are complete sets, each centring on a specific theme and have been developed in collaboration with educators. 

Mixing colours is child's play

Roll up, roll up for our cute animal parade. For the elk and his friends, all we need are little fingers and the right colours. By following the instructions, smart kids can mix these in no time . Blue and yellow are mixed into green or red and white make pink. Child’s play! With the complete set, and under an adults's guidance, children can get started right away. The set contains five fingerpaints in the basic colours white, yellow, red, blue and black. Along with these come two small jars for mixing and storing colours, motif cards, self-adhesive wiggly eyes, a wooden stick and play instructions with a QR code to access other motifs. 

Comprising finger paints in MUCKI quality

It's fascinating how children can mix different colours. And super what funny animals they can create with their painted hands. And, of course, MUCKI finger paint is perfect for this. It is made in Germany with dependable quality and constantly checked and reviewed. Of course, the children’s paint has been dermatologically tested. It is also paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. And if paint gets on clothes while the kids are being creative, that's no problem as the MUCKI finger paint can be easily washed off clothes, etc. from 30 °C in the washing machine. Painting with children, learning together and experiencing colours is safe and simple with MUCKI.