Finger von Kind 2 Jahre mit MUCKI Fingerfarbe

Five questions about MUCKI Finger Paint

07/13/2023 |

Mucking about with paint, stirring it, painting and printing with it: when the youngest artists get the chance to play about with paints, there is often no stopping them. Mummies and daddies are usually delighted that their little darlings are so creative, after all, painting stimulates their imagination and trains their motor skills. But when the finger paint finds its way into the children's little mouths, parents get very anxious. But with MUCKI Finger Paint, they don’t need to worry at all. Why? We answer this question among the five questions we are most frequently asked about MUCKI Finger Paint.



Is MUCKI Finger Paint nut-free

Yes, it is. MUCKI Finger Paint does not contain any nuts. It doesn’t contain any parabens or titanium dioxide either. Our MUCKI finger paint is also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan.

Does MUCKI Finger Paint contain any harmful or critical substances?

No, it's important to us that children aged from two years old can paint without any worries. MUCKI Finger Paint is not toxic. We have high standards for children’s paints and constantly check these in our in-house laboratory. MUCKI Finger Paint complies with the currently valid European Toys Directive. Even in their wet state, the paints are declared as toys and meet the standards imposed for toys.

MUCKI Finger Paint consists of over 90% natural substances, its main constituent being water. Despite being harmless, MUCKI Finger Paint is not a foodstuff. So that the little artists don’t lick their brightly coloured fingers a second time, the paint contains the bitter substance Bitrix. We use the substance phenoxyethanol from the cosmetics industry to preserve the paint. As a result, we can do without other preservatives like parabens. You can read all about how MUCKI Finger Paint is made and how we guarantee maximum safety in this report 

Incidentally, the German consumer advice magazine ÖKO-TEST in 2021 gave the set of four 150-ml jars of MUCKI Finger Paints (Art. No. 2314) a "Very Good" rating. We report on this in greater detail here.

What does dermatologically tested mean for MUCKI Finger Paint?

This label indicates that MUCKI Finger Paint has undergone a skin tolerance test. Dermatologists conduct this test on our behalf. In an epicutaneous test, they check whether the paint causes any toxic irritative reaction on the skin. The test is performed in compliance with international directives on 30 volunteers aged from 18 years old with different types of skin. We don’t perform these tests on children.

The MUCKI Finger Paint is applied with plaster patch onto the back of the test person. The skin condition is examined before as well as 24, 48 and 72 hours after application. At these different times, the dermatologists assess whether any allergic reaction has occurred. MUCKI Finger Paint is tolerated very well by the test persons.

We do not perform any experiments on animals. MUCKI Finger Paint has therefore not been tested on animals. As we do not know how animal skin would react to the paint, we cannot, for example, recommend painting horses or other pets with MUCKI Finger Paint.

How do you remove marks made with MUCKI Finger Paint?

MUCKI Finger Paint can be easily removed from clothes by washing them at 30 °C or higher. It can be washed out of most textiles made of cotton or blends. We recommend that you let paint stains on textiles dry first and don't soak the textiles in water. Then wash the item of clothing in a washing machine with well-filled drum, so the physical rubbing between different items additionally helps get the clothes clean. For handwashing, we recommend curd soap. We give you a step-by-step guide to removing MUCKI finger paint stains



Can you apply MUCKI Finger Paint with a paintbrush, too?

Sure! We have developed the paint for very young artists. They like using their fingers to apply the paint. That's why it has such a creamy paste-like consistency, making it perfect for stencilling, stamping, printing, application with a paint roller or painting with a bristle brush, too. While the younger children enjoy mucking around with MUCKI Finger Paint and making handprints, older brothers and sisters can easily try it out with different painting tools.
By the way, kids can also use MUCKI Finger Paint to paint on window panes. They can easily spread the paint over the smooth surface, where it dries fast. You want your windows clean again? Use your dry hand or a soft hand brush to brush over the paint and most of the paint should just flake off on its own. Alternatively, you can use a ceramic hob scraper. Then simply wipe the rest off with a wet cloth.