Kind bemalt Tasse mit Porzellanstift von KREUL

Revamped for monster fun painting cool cups and plates

07/05/2023 |

Watch out, there’s monsters about! Grinning cheekily from DIY-painted plates and cups. And from the KREUL Porcelain Markers, themselves. Our porcelain markers for children aged from six years old not only have a new name, but a new look, too. The super-cute and funny monsters grin from the sustainable body of the markers and from the set packaging.


It goes without saying that the porcelain markers are still perfectly adapted to the needs of young creatives. That makes designing ceramic cups and plates monster fun for kids. Here, we show you what KREUL Porcelain Markers can do. Let yourself be inspired and try out the porcelain markers yourself! Painting plates and cups is the perfect activity for the holidays and rainy afternoons. And if you want to make creative children really happy, our porcelain markers are a cool gift idea.


Right on trend! Sustainable and child-friendly

Transferring monster ideas onto cups and plates doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why we’ve made sure that using our porcelain markers is child’s play, with no shaking or pumping needed. The paint in the KREUL Porcelain Markers is vegan and has been dermatologically tested. Child-friendly properties are important to us especially when creative kids are using our products. And KREUL Porcelain Markers are, of course, produced in a fair and safe process in Germany.

Modern children’s markers should also be designed to be sustainable. That is why the plastic of the marker contains 60 % PCR material, that is recycled plastic. For these sets, we have got rid of the plastic packaging. The packaging for the KREUL Porcelain Marker sets is made of cardboard consisting of 94 % recycled material.


As single markers and practical sets

When colours smile brightly, children’s eyes shine. That's why our porcelain markers are so brilliant. The paint is water-based and light-fast. Whether kids use the markers for vigorous dotting or long strokes over larger areas, the KREUL Porcelain Marker takes it all in its stride with its robust fibre tip. Perfect for when the kids go a bit crazy expressing their ideas.

The KREUL Porcelain Markers are available as single pens or in sets. For everyone who fancies trying out porcelain painting out for the first time, the KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior in a set of five with its basic colours is ideal. Kids can enjoy great painting fun with KREUL Porcelain Markers medium Junior in the set of 12 markers featuring colours like turquoise, violet and orangee. A gift idea that children aged from 6 years can unwrap and use to instantly unleash their creativity is the KREUL Porcelain Marker medium Junior Set Color Your Cup! It not only comes with four porcelain markers, but with a white porcelain cup for the kids to get designing straightaway.


Fixing the paints properly? So easy to do

The best thing about painting porcelain is that you can use your artwork again and again every day. To make sure you can do this and the colours stay beautiful for a long time, here a few insider tips.

Wash your cups and plates before painting – not in a dishwasher as many dishwasher detergents come with a lotus effect. Don't paint on those areas that come into contact with food and drink as paint in these areas can easily get damaged. As long as the paint has not been fixed, you can wipe off any paint slip-ups with a damp cloth. Finished painting? Then let everything dry for four hours, before placing your artwork in a cold domestic oven. Set the temperature to 160 °C and fix the paints for 90 minutes. Leave your painted pieces in the oven to cool and cure in the oven. Then your own designer tableware is dishwasher-safe.