Karten im Scrapbook Stil gestalten mit KREUL Klebe Marker

Scrapbooking? Yes, but clean, stylish and to the point if you please

05/17/2023 |

A wafer-thin motif on handmade paper, a cut-out photo, with lettering in relief on top: we love the creative technique that arranges diverse elements into a piece of art in a sketchbook or on a card! This way, layer by layer, you can create something totally individual that you can’t just go out and buy. Scrapbooking celebrates creativity. The scraps themselves can be cuttings or appliqué elements like those we are using here.


The most important tool in scrapbooking and cardmaking is the glue! It is precisely for this reason that we have developed the KREUL Glue Marker. Use this to work cleanly and precisely with paper crafts. Goodbye to dirty and sticky fingers! Goodbye to dried-up glue rollers! The KREUL Glue Marker contains liquid glue and is an ideal alternative to traditional glue pens. After all, it is sustainable. We present our favourite new marker and provide tips for pinpoint gluing.


Pinpoint gluing with a marker

Squeezed the glue bottle too hard: the glue floods out, leaving your craft surface tacky. But it doesn't have to be that way! With our glue marker, you don't squeeze out the glue, but apply it in a clean stroke. The KREUL Glue Marker is a liquid glue in a marker. This not only makes it handy, but, above all, it enables pinpoint application.

We have fitted our KREUL Marker with a wedge-shape, chisel tip. This makes the KREUL Glue Marker a real allrounder; you can use to glue everything from larger areas to the tiniest details and lines. Fast, even and without any additional tools as the XXL tip spreads the glue precisely where you want it, even into the tiniest corners.
What about a cool, arty effect? For this, we use the KREUL Glue Marker to draw filigree leaf ornaments onto paper and scatter glitter into the glue. Wow! What an eyecatching effect in your scrapbook or on a card. Liquid glue from a pen is a real must-have for creative crafters.

Sustainable liquid glue in marker form

Sustainability is important to us when we're being creative. That’s why the KREUL Glue Marker has not only been thought through practically, but responsibly, too. The formulation of the liquid glue contains at least 80 % raw materials of natural origin. The KREUL Glue Marker is even vegan. The basis for the glue is produced with the help of vegetable oils and therefore comes from renewable sources.

The plastic in the KREUL Glue Marker consists of 40 % recycled plastic. If the tip gets a bit ragged, you don’t have to just throw away the glue marker. After all, the tip is replaceable. Simply insert one of the KREUL Replacement Tips XXL 15 mm into the marker, and you can continue using your KREUL Glue Marker. 

Handy scrapbooking glue made in Germany

The KREUL Glue Marker is solvent-free and therefore odour-neutral. It dries transparent and is suitable for gluing paper, card, cardboard, absorbent surfaces and relatively small decorations. But you can use the glue to stick appliqué and lightweight elements made of wood, cork, foam rubber, cord or raffia ribbon. This gives your scrapbook or card three-dimensional, haptic features! Lots of glues for scrapbooking come from the Far East, but the KREUL Glue Marker is produced in a fair and safe process in Germany.

Gluing with the marker: here’s how

First, shake the KREUL Marker with its cap on before you apply any glue – we recommend you do this every time you use it. Carefully press the tip of the marker onto paper several times to pump the glue to the tip. Keep pumping the glue until you can see the glue liquid. Now you can apply the liquid glue to clean and dry surfaces. Apply the KREUL Glue Marker to one side of the two parts to be glued. Then press the parts together for a few seconds. Let everything dry. Then you can get gluing again. Use this technique to build up a stylish design layer by layer. Have fun!