gebastelte Glückwunschkarte mit MUCKI Papierpfiffikus

Making your own greetings cards: wowing with water magic

05/17/2023 |

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, perhaps even Grandma’s birthday. Kids like expressing their appreciation and best wishes. Especially with something homemade. That’s why we are showcasing a craft idea that children aged from 4 years can easily use to design their own greetings card almost completely on their own. And they’ll have lots of fun doing it because with our water trick they can conjure up completely new mixed colours. Just amazing what the MUCKI Paper Pixie Watercolour Pens can do. Time to get started! Kids can make a greetings card with our children’s pens in a flash.



Step 1: Draw circles and lines

For our card idea, the kids need the set of five MUCKI Paper Pixie Watercolour Pens, watercolour paper, some standard copy paper, scissors, MUCKI Kids Glue, a paintbrush and some water. Let’s get started! First get the kids to draw dots, lines or thick bands of colour with the MUCKI Watercolour Pens on the watercolour paper – it doesn’t really matter what they draw, as long as they use nice, bright colours. That's child's play with the MUCKI Paper Pixie Pens. They are made for small hands and are fitted with a robust tip.

Step 2: Brush over the colours with water for a wow effect

Now it’s time for our water trick! The kids use a wet paintbrush to paint over the bright and colourful patterns they have drawn. The colours blur and mix with each other to make new shades. Yellow runs into blue to make green. And what about blue and red? They merge with each other to magic purple! The water-based watercolour pens make quite an impression on the little artists, with the colours forming funny and fantastic shapes as they dry.

Oops, the colours have spread onto the kids' t-shirt? The colour stains can be washed out of most textiles from 30 °C. In full MUCKI quality, the children’s pens have been dermatologically tested and are paraben-free, gluten-free, nut-free, titanium dioxide-free and vegan.

Step 3: Glue the artwork into a card

Fold the coloured copy paper to form a card and cut a circle or heart out of the left side. Use MUCKI children’s glue to stick the watercolour art directly behind the cut-out shaoe. The water-based glue is solvent-free, PVC-free, odourless and can also be washed out of most textiles at temperatures from 30°C

What fun was that? Grown-ups call this technique watercolour painting. But for the little experts, it is a fun way to play with colour. They can now decorate the front of the card with the MUCKI Paper Pixie Pens. We have turned the round cut-out into a hot air balloon! But the kids are sure to come up with lots more of their own ideas.

Preschoolers will no doubt already be able to write their name in the card, while others can dictate a few kind words for mummy and daddy to add a special message. Have lots of fun making your own cards with this magical technique!