KREUL Acrylfarbenset mit aufgedruckten Icons

These icons provide information on safety

05/11/2023 |

It’s fun being creative if you can depend on the products you use. But how can DIY enthusiasts and crafters judge that before they buy?


It's important for to us to provide information on the specific properties of our products. Especially when the products are meant for young crafters to work with. Or if a painted product is to be used in day-to-day life. It is practical to know if a new design on a t-shirt will survive the washing machine. It’s also handy to know whether your newly decorated garden ornament will look just as stylish after a rain shower.


That’s why we print safety icons on lots of our products. These are small symbols on the packaging or label that stand for a specific safety-relevant property. These should not be confused with hazard labels. We are legally obliged to display these on products, but not our safety icons. But these do make it easier to choose a product. The following guide explains what our safety icons mean.



Dermatologically tested

This symbol means that we have tested the tolerability of a product on the skin. The test is not carried out by just anybody, but a dermatologist. An epicutaneous test in compliance with international directives is performed on 30 test persons. A product is only labelled as skin-compatible it no toxic-irritative incompatibility reaction occurs on the skin of any of the test persons. All our MUCKI children’s paints have been dermatologically tested. An important property so that children from just 2 years old can paint absolutely worry-free with MUCKI finger paint.


The icon showing the half-filled laboratory flask means that the product has been made on the basis of synthetic resin. Synthetic resin is an industrially produced resin that transforms into rigid polymers when as it hardens. In our KREUL assortment, we have several protective varnishes on the basis of synthetic resin, for example KREUL Acrylic Matt Varnish. Artificial-resin-based protective varnishes make objects weatherproof, saliva-resistant and resistant to little knocks. After applying products based on synthetic resin, clean your paintbrush with KREUL brush cleaner. Unfortunately, washing the paintbrush just with water won’t get it clean. 


This icon has nothing to do with cheeky kids. The stuck-out tongue means that the dried colour is resistant to saliva. An object painted with saliva-resistant paint is resistant to saliva so that the paint won’t come off if it is licked. That is particularly important if you are painting toys for children. We test our paints for saliva resistance in compliance with a DIN standard. Our KREUL Wood Stain, for instance, is saliva-resistant.


The icon showing a plant indicates that the product contains only vegetable substances. A product displaying this icon contains no substances of animal origin. Creatives can also be assured that no tests on animals have been conducted or commissioned during the making of the product. All our MUCKI products are vegan, e.g. our MUCKI craft paint.

Washable from 30 ºC

When we print a T-Shirt icon on a product, this means that the paint can be washed out of textiles. And that at temperatures from 30 ºC in the washing machine. That’s handy to know, especially when children are painting. For instance, MUCKI finger paint can be washed out of textiles from 30 ºC. First allow the MUCKI finger paint stains to dry. Then put the item of clothing in a well-filled washing machine. Don’t try washing the stains out with water first as you would just be rubbing the paint into the textile fibres.

Washable up to 40 ºC after fixing

This icon means that any designs painted on fabrics won’t be washed off so long as you wash them only up to 40 °C. A delicates wash cycle isn’t necessary, but we recommend washing the item inside out. To make sure the painted motif is washable, you have to fix the paints with an iron. This is indicated by the printed iron symbol. One paint with this icon, for instance, is the KREUL Javana fabric paint for light- and dark-coloured textiles.


The main substances in a paint are the pigment dye or colourant, a binder and a solvent. For 99 % of all KREUL paints, we use water to dissolve the pigment. So most of the paints we produce are water-based. The icon with the water droplet indicates that a paint is water-based, like, for example, KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint.


Not every painted design is water-resistant. If we print an umbrella on a product, you can can clean your painted décor object with a wet cloth. The dried paint can withstand water. But you shouldn’t immerse an item in water permanently. Our paints are not made for decorative items in an aquarium but for décor in a dry environment. One water-resistant paint, for instance, is the KREUL Acrylic Neon paint.

Water- and weather-resistant

If a paint is also suitable for painting decorative items outdoors, we also print the the umbrella icon on it. But we also add “Water and Weather-Resistant”. This means that painted designs will also withstand rain showers. Wet weather conditions won’t damage this paint. Perfect for painting decorative items for the garden. One example of a water- and weather-resistant paint is our KREUL Acrylic Matt paint.