KREUL Kreidemarker in Weiß nachfüllen mit dem Refill Pen

Empty chalk marker? Just refill it!

01/09/2023 |

Window decorations and blackboard designs with the KREUL Chalky Markers are simply stylish. And you can draw them really quickly. Shake the marker, pump the liquid chalk to the tip, and soon you can be designing cool lettering, leafy tendrils and much more. But what do you do when your Chalky Marker runs dry? Whatever you do, don’t just throw it away!


After all, you can now just refill the KREUL Chalky Marker in the colour Snow White. That saves unnecessary plastic waste and is perfect to get back drawing new chalk designs straightaway. Still not sure? We’ll show you how easy it is to refill our white chalk marker yourself.


Refill four times over with the Refill Pen

Body, tip, nozzle: the high-quality design of the KREUL Chalky Marker means that you can keep using it for a long time. Only the liquid chalk filling gets gradually used up with every new design. That’s why we have developed a refill pen containing the original chalk paint of the KREUL Chalky Marker in the colour Snow White. 

Why white? Because this colour is the one used most for chalk artworks and so runs dry more quickly. But with the new refill option, that’s no problem as you can refill the white chalk marker four times with the content of one refill pen. A brilliant alternative to buying another brand new marker!

KREUL Chalky Marker: Cleverly devised and sustainable

A responsible solution. After all, an already existing product can be used much longer and waste reduced. The refill option is available as a pen or in a complete set comprising original marker and four replacement tips. Perfect for making the lifetime of your chalk marker last even  longer! 

We think that it always possible to make things just that little bit more sustainable. The formulation in the KREUL Chalky Marker contains at least 60 % sustainably sourced raw materials. The plastic of the marker consists of 70 % recycled plastic and the set packaging contains 94 % recycled material. The KREUL Chalky Marker is made in Germany.

How do you refill the Chalky Marker?

Very quickly, easily and cleanly! Simply shake the refill pen with its cap on. Then hold the KREUL Chalky Marker with the tip pointing upwards and twist the marker open between the nozzle section and body. Then loosen and remove the valve.

Now, transfer the content of the refill pen up to the 1st mark – that corresponds to one marker filling. All done! Reinsert the valve and twist the body to tighten, pump the chalk paint to the marker tip, and get writing again.

For chalky designs on chalkboard, window panes & co.

Refilled in no time, the KREUL Chalky Marker is a great tool for lots of creative designs. The water-based opaque liquid chalk can be used to draw on surfaces like chalkboard, chalkboard vinyl, windows, mirrors, glass, tiles, foil, metal and plexiglass, For January, we fancy floral patterns and leaf tendrils. But you can use the Chalky Marker for so many different designs.

What about these ideas for chalk motifs:

•    a winterly townscape on chalkboard

•    playful flowers and leafy tendrils on a window pane

•    or a taste of Easter with clear plastic egg shapes decorated with chalk patterns

We wish you great fun recreating these designs and wish you lots of inspiration for your own chalk art. We would love to share photos of your designs on our Instagram account. Just send a photo by direct mail to @kreulpaint.