Let it snow! The winter will be brighter with the KREUL Chalky Marker

12/07/2018 |

When it gets dark outside early and the weather is cold and wet, the desire to decorate your favourite rooms in a festive and cosy way comes all by itself. In the twinkling of an eye, the home is transformed into a Christmas-winter landscape with hyggle flair. With its soft, delicate effect and the many chalky colours, the KREUL Chalky Marker is just right.

Board surfaces and windowpanes offer plenty of space for dancing snowflakes, heartfelt festive greetings and winter hygge-like landscapes.

With the KREUL Chalky Marker, you can easily paint on motifs or hand letterings. The soft and gentle colours radiate calm and enhance any Christmas decoration.

Before painting, shake the KREUL Chalky Marker for approx. 60 seconds with the cap closed so that the colour ink is thoroughly mixed. Before first use, press the tip of the pen vertically onto a sheet of paper. Hold down briefly, then replace the cap and shake until the colour is visible in the tip. If the colour fades when writing, put the cap back on and shake again.

More than 5 stars for this: the KREUL Chalky Markers convince with their unique formula developed under sustainability aspects. The paints are made of at least 60% natural raw materials.
And of course, the KREUL promise applies to all paints.

These are the paints that we used for our ideas:

  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Snow White, Art-Nr. 22711
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Cozy Red, Art-Nr. 22713
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Volcanic Gray, Art-Nr. 22718
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Silver Show, Art-Nr. 22721
  • KREUL Chalky Marker medium Golden Glow, Art-Nr. 22722
  • KREUL Acryl Matt paint Black 50 ml, Art-Nr. 75520
  • KREUL Acryl Glossy paint Dark red 50 ml, Art-Nr. 79519
  • KREUL Acryl Glossy paint Velvet beige 50 ml, Art-Nr. 79537
  • KREUL Chalky Marker Noble Nougat 150 ml, Art-Nr. 75320
  • KREUL Chalkboard varnish, Art-Nr. 79422