Beautiful Christmas baubles – lovingly painted by children

11/19/2018 |

Decorating the Christmas tree is a very special ritual every year. When children are still very small, Mum and Dad usually provide the tree decorations. But the older kids get, the more confident they become in design and decoration to their own taste and style. So let's leave them to it ...!


With the traditional colours of red, green and white, kids can easily make their own festive tree decorations. These give the family tree an individual and personal touch. And the painting is lots of fun, too – a great idea to fill a grey afternoon in autumn. And maybe there’ll even be a few baubles left over as presents for Grandma and Granddad.

So easy to do: fun and pretty Christmas tree baubles

In hardly any time at all, you and your children can paint and decorate plain plastic baubles. First, of course, comes a base coat – applied with KREUL Acrylic Matt paint. We have chosen acrylic baubles with their own hanger, so they are all finished and ready to hang on your tree once they have dried. You can find these in craft shops.

Then use a sponge stick to add dots with KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint.

Once the paints have dried, use a KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker and Acrylic Metallic Marker to decorate the baubles with cute Christmas trees, stars, sleighs or snowmen. KREUL Acrylic Matt paint and Matt Markers are water-resistant and opaque.
And there you go, the individual baubles are all finished in plenty of time for Christmas.
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Materials we have used

  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint in White 50 ml, Art. No. 75501
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint in Red 50 ml, Art. No. 75505
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint in Light Green 50 ml, Art. No. 75510
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker medium in White, Art. No. 46231
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker medium in Black, Art. No. 46239
  • KREUL Acrylic Matt Marker medium in Red, Art. No. 46234
  • KREUL Acrylic Metallic Marker medium in Silver, Art. No. 46262
  • KREUL Foam Brushes in Set of 4, Art. No. 72160
  • Acrylic baubles with hangers
  • Wooden rod to hold the baubles