Experimenting with SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid and SOLO GOYA Acrylic Effect Colours

12/07/2018 |

Seemingly unlimited are the possibilities and effects you can get with SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid. Exceptionally brilliant and intense results are achievable with the acrylic and effect paints from the SOLO GOYA Acrylic line.

With this technique, the glitter effect of the paints makes a big impact. The particles of glitter reflect the light and the mother-of-pearl–like shimmer of the paints gives the surface of the picture a touch of elegance.

We have complemented the high-contrast combination of the effect paints in our SOLO GOYA Acrylic line with white and cobalt blue. The SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid ensures that the colours stay bright and brilliant despite the consistency of the paint being made very liquid. Only the consistency and accordingly the flowability of the paint are changed.

How to get the effect

Pour SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid into a beaker. Add small amounts of SOLO GOYA Acrylic until you get a honey-like consistency. Stir it the mixture slowly to avoid air bubbles. If bubbles do form, cover the paint and leave it to stand for an hour.

Now pour colour after colour into a beaker. To make sure that the colours do not mix too much, for instance amber and cobalt blue, simply fill the beaker with some white between the colours.

Now, with very gentle to and fro movements, pour the paint onto the canvas. Then pour the individual colours directly after each other into the centre of the picture.

Drying and finishing

Depending on the thickness of the paint layer and size of the canvas, it takes between 12 and 72 hours until everything is completely dry. During this time, do not move your artwork in order to prevent the colours drifting inadvertently. Once the paint has dried, you can use a paintbrush to apply undiluted SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid as a glossy coating varnish onto the canvas.

Materials used

  • SOLO GOYA Pouring Fluid, Art. No. 87205
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic White, Art. No. 84101
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Cobalt Blue, Art. No. 84115
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Mother-of-Pearl Effect, Art. No. 84150
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Amber Effect, Art. No. 84151
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Ruby Red Effect, Art. No. 84152
  • SOLO GOYA Acrylic Sapphire Blue, Art. No. 84155
  • SOLO GOYA Stretched Canvas Basic Line, Art. No. 62020
  • KREUL Set of Four Plastic Palette Knives for mixing, Art. No. 41822
    (recommendation: one palette knife for each colour)
  • Waterproof sheet for effective protection of your work surface
  • Transparent mixing beakers, on beaker per colour and other beakers for mixing,
  • Spacers, e.g. pins or beakers
  • Paper towels for accidental spots and drops of paint
  • Disposable gloves