Gold and black – there's nothing more elegant

12/14/2018 |

Is there anything more precious than gold? Scrooge McDuck likes diving into it, Bond-villain Auric Goldfinger is obsessed by it, and Spandau Ballet sang about it. Jewellery, wedding rings and royal crowns are all made from this valuable metal. But as we cannot afford as much genuine gold as we might like, we make do with the unique colour of gold. This on its own captivates us - attractive and fascinating, making everything look precious and elegant.

To contrast with the look of bright gold, we offset it with the darkest colour: deep black. That, too, exudes elegance – just think about the little black dress, a black tuxedo or the luxuriance of black velvet.

The marriage of these two colours gives a look of splendour – in the truest sense of the word. The black makes the gold gleam even more intensely, providing the perfect backdrop for its majestic appearance.

Whether for upcycling of decorative items, or ornamenting cups, glasses, vases or pots – gold and black make up a duo that is enough in itself. Simple clear lines are often all you need. A big song and dance, or ornate frills are not necessary to make an impact.

With KREUL Acrylic Metallic Paint or KREUL Glass & Porcelain paints, we get a look that would make Goldfinger and Scrooge McDuck jealous. With gold and black, we add elegant highlights to our home that help us forget the dream of genuine gold.