For the Merriest Christmas! DIY decoration on glass and porcelain

11/16/2018 |

When it's beginning to look like winter outside, we like to transform our homes into a haven for celebration with cosy warmth. Elegant candle holders, stand-out bowls and exquisite glassware are must-haves in every living room at Christmas time. And, of course, it can all be a touch more glamorous for this special season. It’s time for gleaming metallic paints, married with soft and subtle colour shades and transparent surfaces. It is time for festive wow effects with glass and porcelain paints. Only a little effort is needed, but the impact is all the more stunning.


Dreamy effects with KREUL Glass & Porcelain Paints

Simply awesome - KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic in Gold, Gold Bronze or Champagne brings a luxurious metallic sheen to every home. Giving super cover with an intense gleam, these paints are easy to apply, perfect for combining with matt colours, fast-drying and smooth.
The paints are dishwasher-safe and consist of 60 % sustainable raw materials of natural origin. And for all our paints, you can depend on the Kreul quality pledge.

A few useful tips for perfect results

  • The object you want to decorate must be heat-proof, smooth, clean and grease-free. We recommend that before you start painting you clean the object by hand with washing-up liquid – not in the dishwasher, so that the paint properly sticks to the surface.
  • Don't paint on areas that will come into contact with food and drink, e.g. rims or the inside surfaces of cups and glasses or cutting areas on plates.
  • You can transfer motifs first, e.g. with KREUL Graphite copy paper (Art. No. 23048). Alternatively, sketch your motif onto the object by hand with the KREUL pencil (Art. No. 8008).

Don’t paint over your pencil marks as you can simply wipe these off after you have fired on the paint.

  • For application of the paint, we recommend you use a soft paintbrush, e.g. KREUL Red Sable imit. (Art. No. 7202) or Pony Hair Synthetics (Art. No. 7229.).
  • Do not thin the paints with water, but use KREUL Glass & Porcelain Paint Thinning Medium (Art. No. 16273). so the paint retain their adhesion after they have been fired on.
  • As long as paint has not been fired on, you can use water to remove it from smooth surfaces.
  • Place your painted object in the cold domestic oven. Once the temperature has reached 160 °C, fire the paints onto the surface for 90 minutes. Let the paints cool and harden in the oven.
  • Once fired, the paints are dishwasher-safe and saliva-resistant.
  • Simply clean your brushes and tools with water

Materials used

  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Metallic-Gold, Art. No. 16247
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Metallic-Gold Bronze, Art. No. 16250
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Dark Green, Art. No. 16225
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Classic Garnet Red, Art. No. 16207
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Chalky Cottage Green, Art. No. 16639
  • KREUL Glass & Porcelain Chalky Smoky Stone, Art. No. 16643
  • KREUL Paintbrushes for Glass and Porcelain Paint - set of three, Art. No. 723003