We can already hear people saying: grey, but that's so boring! We, on the other hand, think quite the opposite. As always with colours, it depends on how you look at them. And there are two ways of looking at grey that we find particularly interesting.

The grey of late autumn

Sooner or later, summer will say its farewells and move on leaving autumn to take its place. Swathes of mist drift over the country and as the temperatures drop, so does our mood. Melancholy spreads. Everything appears in a uniform shade of grey, although grey comes in so many gradations. In fact, there probably isn’t even a name for every shade.
In art, we can perfectly capture and express the mood with grey shades. Tristesse, sadness, comtemplation. At the same time, grey provides an ideal background for very special highlights. For the single ray of sunshine in the sky. For a particularly dark storm cloud. For children’s colourful wellies. For golden autumnal leaves on trees. For brightly coloured kites in the sky. For the joyful anticipation of the Christmas season.
This is one way at looking at the colour. Another is ...


The grey of elegance

Sean Connery in a grey three-piece suit with white handkerchief peeking out of his breast pocket. The Aston Martin DB5. The mature George Clooney. Grey also stands for maturity, style and dignity. For elegance and understatement. Whether in fashion, design, architecture or interiors – grey lends everything a cool and elegant note. But grey is always looking for partners – as complement and contrast colours. A glowing white smile. Yellow as contrast. Hard, black strokes of paint. Soft and gentle pink. Especially for upcycling projects, for instance for painting furniture or decorative objects, we like using grey. But for the design of cushions and soft furnishings, too.

As we said earlier, with grey, it just depends how you look at it. And so it has been rightly chosen as our colour of the month.