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Urban Jungle on the windowpane

05/07/2020 |

Fancy a new design on the window? Always yes! It should be chic and individual. A perfect job for the KREUL Chalky Marker! With it, original illustrations are created like in the shop window of a hip concept store. We draw large flower tendrils and filigree blossoms, because they bring the good mood of spring into the living room. The drawing of lines dots and hearts is really meditative, and in no time at all large chalk art is created that leaves the neighbours amazed. Not just look - imitate!


The KREUL Chalky Marker contains liquid, highly opaque chalk. This creates expressive illustration in delicate chalky nuances. This is exactly what we love about the trendy chalk look. From filigree curricles to large-scale graphics, everything is possible because the pencil fits well in the hand. Our flower designs dry quickly. So, nothing will smudge, and our fingers stay clean if we accidentally touch it.

It's good when you can rely on the brand quality 'Made in Germany' when it comes to colours. All KREUL Chalky Markers are produced in Hallerndorf, Upper Franconia, and consist of at least 60% raw materials of natural origin. Before using them for the first time, we recommend keeping the tip of the chalk marker pressed. This works best on paper or a piece of cardboard. As soon as the tip 'colours' with colour, the KREUL Chalky Marker is ready for use. Oops, a mistake happened? Never mind, with a damp cloth everything can be wiped clean again. Now there is room for the new window chalk art: May makes everything new!

  • KREUL Chalky Marker 4-piece Set Window Deco, Art.-Nr. 22709